How Much Does a Naperville Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Naperville Country Club, located on Chicago Avenue in Naperville, Illinois, started as a nine-hole golf course with sand greens in 1921. Thereafter, golf course architect, Tom Bendelow, was hired to build an 18-hole golf course on the 124-acre property conveniently situated just a short distance east of the expanding community of Naperville, Illinois.

The club is a private membership facility, and membership is by invitation only. Those interested in membership may request information from any club member or via the club’s Director of Membership Development.  A limit has been set for each membership category and election to membership is subject to the availability of that membership.

How much does a Naperville Country Club membership cost?

As with any country club, the costs will greatly depend on the type of membership.  Although these are not accurate numbers, they are proven to be fairly close estimates, and from what we researched, the initiation fees are said to be in the $25,000 range and the monthly dues are in the mid $xxx range.  These costs, again, are considered to be estimates and for accurate information, you will want to contact the club’s membership department for fees.

Naperville Country Club overview

The 18-hole golf course, designed by Steve Forest, opened in 2006.  You can take a tour of all 18 holes on the club’s official website via its interactive slideshow.  In addition to the golf course, the club offers a practice facility, yearly tournaments, professional lessons, leagues, access to more than 75+ social events and four dining options:  the main dining room, the Pump Room, Members’ Grill and the patio.

What are the extra costs?

Social events, commonly held throughout the year, can have an additional fee to participate.

Leagues, tournaments and lessons, all available at the club, can have additional costs to budget for.

Tips to know

The club offers regular golf, young executive and social membership options.

As a footnote to the club’s rich heritage is the pump, located at the front of the clubhouse, is considered as a symbol of the club’s history. This pump was built in 1869 as a source of water for the herds of the original owner of the land. It remained as water service for club members till 1973. With renovation and upgrades in the property, the pump was sealed and retained as a symbol of the club’s quiet pastoral heritage.

The renovation of the golf course includes many Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA).  ESAs are marked with a combination of signage and traditional yellow or red stakes to identify them as either a lateral or water hazard. If a hazard stake contains a green cap, then the area is an ESA and entry is strictly not allowed.

The club adheres to a strict dress code and rules as found here.

The golf course won the 2009 Golf Inc. Renovation of the Year.

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