How Much Does a National Fitness Center Membership Cost?

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National Fitness Center, a smaller gym chain, has locations in Knoxville, Maryville, Morristown, Sevierville and Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

At the National Fitness Center, they are committed to providing customers with a clean, comfortable and state-of-art facility.

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How much does a National Fitness Center membership cost?

On average, a monthly membership to the National Fitness Center will vary anywhere from $45 to as much as $75 per month. This is going to depend on the type of membership you choose.

According to, there are three types of membership available.  The basic membership will cost $50 per month, the silver membership will cost $65 and the gold membership will cost $75.

Someone on this forum thread stated that their local National Fitness Center charged $42.95 per month.  On top of this fee, additional fees applied like a card, paperwork, and a maintenance fee.

National Fitness Center overview

The basic membership includes access to all facilities inside the club such as state-of-art fitness equipment, a pool, free weights, strength equipment, locker rooms with towel service, on-site child care and a sauna.  With the silver membership, the member is entitled to a tanning or a hydro massage, a quarterly fitness consultation, and the “bring a buddy system.” The gold membership includes unlimited tanning, unlimited hydro massage, bring a buddy system, and monthly fitness analysis.

All membership packages also include the use of the daycare, cardio theater, cardio classes, women-only area, and fitness analysis.

Any member may use the buddy system, meaning a member can bring a family or friend (one person only) and use the facilities without additional cost.  The guest should always be with the member at all times.

What are the extra costs?

For the basic plan, tanning can be added for an additional cost of $10 per month.  For additional family members, a $20 fee will apply every month.

A membership sign in card costs $15, and if you lose it, you will pay another $15 for the replacement.

An additional $25 maintenance fee is required for each member.

If a member decides to transfer a membership to another person, a fee of $195 applies.

Tips to know

The company requires an auto draft, meaning they will require a check or credit card/debit card to get the monthly fee deducted from it every month automatically.  If you do not like this type of payment, this club may not be for you.  This ensures that you make your payments on time to avoid late fees from the club, but it can also mean fees from your bank if you do not have the money in your bank account.

Once you enroll, you have 10 days to withdraw your enrollment.  If you do it after that time frame, there is a big chance you will be charged the monthly recurring fee, so make sure that you keep in mind this allowance for withdrawing enrollment just in case you do not feel like this is the right club for you.

There are testimonies that the cancellation procedure is not that easy and will require some time.  Before paying the membership fee, make sure that you are 100% decided that this is the best club for you.

How can I save money?

Check out Groupon before signing up as the gym has advertised on this platform in the past.

Take advantage of the company’s free trial.  This way you will be sure this is the type of club you want to join.

Get to know more about the club first prior to applying for any membership offer.  Call the company or shoot them an email to learn more about the program.

The club offers a ‘buddy system’ where you get to bring someone along to enjoy what you are entitled to without any fee.  Maybe split the membership with a friend to take advantage of this.

There are great discounts available for family plans so if your family is fond of going to fitness centers and paying a lot of money might as well enroll in the National Fitness center and enjoy big discounts.  This is known as the Perx Advantage and can get each member discounts at over 160 businesses in the area.

Members have had luck with haggling.  If you feel the price is too high, see if the club is able to bring the costs down.

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