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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

The New England Fat Loss metabolic weight loss centers, located in Massachusetts with six centers will work from the inside-out to remove the underlying interferences with your metabolism, according to its official website,

Doing this will create the right balance, which, in turn, will create a much more important and permanent change, all without dieting or exercising.

As your body can naturally repair itself, unless there is an obstruction with the metabolism, most diet programs, as the program claims, may require a lot of effort to keep the weight off.  However, at the New England Fat Loss center, they will customize specific recommendations on each client’s demands and expectations.

New England Fat Loss Cost
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How much does New England Fat Loss cost?

The costs of the program, while it isn’t mentioned on the official website, does include a free consultation, where you will discuss your medical history, lifestyle choices and your eating habits.  With this information, their experts will then be able to determine the right course of action to take based on their program’s fundamentals.  To take advantage of the free consultation, members are encouraged to fill out the “free consultation” form on the official website.

As for the prices, again, they were not included on the official website, but upon researching reviews online, we were able to make an “estimate” as to how much the program could cost.  Based on the information we found, we concluded the costs to start the program was about $2,500 for about 14 weeks.

On one of their Yelp reviews, a few reviewers talked about what they had paid for the program.  One previous client said she had paid $2,500 for the 30-pound weight loss plan, while another said she was quoted $2,500 for 14 weeks, but this could be split into payment plans if you couldn’t afford the payment up front.  Almost all of the reviewers we found online stated they were all quoted the same amount — about $2,500 for the 14 weeks.

How does New England Fat Loss work?

According to the compnay, they use cutting edge technology in order to create a customized plan which is tailored to help balance your hormones, burn fat and keep weight off fast.

On its website, they list four main points on how the program works:  promoting proper nutrition, educating you on weight loss times, realigning and boosting your metabolism, and lastly, balancing your hormones to reach your goals.

Its dedicated professionals will help assist and support you throughout the entire program on which foods you should be eating, how to lose weight with your personalized plan and tips to keep it off for life.

From one reviewer online, you will take vitamin drops each morning, followed by logging every food you eat in your journal — averaging about 500 calories a day at first.  Every day, the program will “text” you, holding you accountable for your actions.  Members are asked to come in for routine weigh-ins to record and discuss your progress.

Facts you should know

The company claims this isn’t a “diet program” since they use a specially formulated and tailored approach which unlocks your body’s potential in order to burn any fat.  Because of this, members will not be limited with take-out and fast food since the coaches, nutritionists and doctors will customize a guide on which foods you’re going ot be able to eat without preventing with your freedoms to eat the foods you enjoy.

The program will not require any exercise in order to see results; instead, they use a customized approach which will cater to each individual as everyone’s metabolism and body is truly unique.  Using specialized equipment, the experts on site will be able to perform a full body investigation to decide the best plan of action.

Many clients, according to the website, lose 20 to 40 pounds in about five weeks.

New England Fat Loss reviews

Browsing the Internet online, we were able to gather both the good and bad, most of which came from Yelp and compiled our findings below:

Many were able to lose the weight they were promised as long as they followed the program.No one checked the food journal.
Feeling better and having more energy.The text messages were predictable during the program and didn't feel personalized.
Some locations have an accommodating staff.A doctor doesn't really "follow" you as the advertisements claim.
The weight loss "guarantee."Experts on site are "questionable" with their credentials.
The personal support and non-group setting.Not a lifetime "diet" plan.
Don't have to buy pre-made food kits or exercise.Felt like a sales pitch during a consult.
Only program that worked for them after trying multiple others.The "high tech" scan seems to be a joke.

NOTE:  These were from reviews we found online and cannot be confirmed as everyone will see different results.  Your results will vary.

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