How Much Does a 9Round Fitness Membership Cost?

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9Round is different than most gyms as they include everything you need — a fast, yet effective and fun workout, with personal trainers to help you, all while providing nutritional guidance.

Using a combination of heavy bag boxing and kickboxing work, members will complete their entire workout in less than 30 minutes while going from one three-minute station to the next using a round-based timing schedule.  As a new round starts every three minutes, members will not need to set an appointment.  They can simply show up at any time, as long as the gym is open, to start working out.

9Round Fitness Membership Cost
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How much does a 9round fitness membership cost?

The costs to join 9round fitness, as like most gyms, will depend on a few factors:  how many people will be active on the membership and how long you commit at the time of signing up.

The reported 9round membership costs 
Single (one club access)$79/mo$50 one-time initiation fee
Two adults (one club access)$145/mo$100 one-time initiation fee
Single (one club access)$69/mo if commit for 6 months$50 one-time initiation fee
Two adults (one club access)$125/mo if commit for 6 months$100 one-time initiation fee
Single (one club access)$59/mo if commit for a year$50 one-time initiation fee
Two adults (one club access)$100/mo if commit for a year$100 one-time initiation fee

NOTE:  These are just the averages we found and your results may vary depending on the time of year and your local location.  As these are considered independent franchises, your results will vary.

According to one member on this thread, for example, he was asking about the club and stated he paid close to $90 a month after committing to a 3-month contract.

A writer on noted she was able to get a student membership for $29 a month.

What do you get with a membership?

Members do not need to schedule a time to take classes, as per the official website.   Members are encouraged to show up on your schedule as a new circuit will start every three minutes.

All classes, combining both cardio and resistance training, will result in a full-body workout in just 30 minutes.  Each day will be a new workout routine, helping prevent the boredom gym-goers often ensue.  Members will only kick bags, not people, by using the basic moves of kickboxing.

Trainers will always be on site, willing to work out with you and motivate you to get the most of a workout.

All members will receive access to the online meal planner, videos and frequently added features to help track your progress to see desirable results.

At some locations, its PULSE heart rate technology is available to help measure your results to help you stay in your “fat burning zone.”

The “30-minute” workout routine

The club claims, that in 30 minutes, you will be able to help burn a massive amount of calories, even after your workout is finished, as well as release toxins, strengthen your muscles, relieve stress, increase your stamina, stimulate your heart, free endorphins and increase your energy levels.

Stations 1-2:  Here, members will use kettlebells, medicine balls, jump ropes and related equipment to help build your stamina and strength.

Stations 3-8:  These multiple stations will use kickboxing techniques, allowing members to kick heavy bags to help build power and improve coordination and timing.   Speed bags will also be available to improve shoulder conditioning and agility as well.

Station 9:  At the abs and core station, members will be able to tighten and strengthen all of the core muscles.

At each station, members will spend about three minutes, given a 30-second rest in between intervals.

Facts to know

Unlike most gyms, which have all of the bells and whistles, 9Rounds won’t have much aside from the circuit training.  From what we researched, most will have a simple dressing room with no showers and bathroom.  The average facility will be about 1,200 square feet, offering an intimate feel.

Most of the locations will open as early as 6 a.m. and will stay open as late as 6:30 p.m., with a one to three-hour lunch break.  All location hours, however, will greatly vary, so it’s best to either check out Yelp or the official club search to see what your local club hours are.

Personal trainers will always be on site, with the average location staffing one to two people at a time.

New members can try out their first workout for free.  Refer to your local club for more information on ways to take advantage.

During your first workout, the club will allow you to borrow a pair of gloves, but after you decide to join, the club will ask you purchase a pair of 9Round gloves and a pair of hand wraps.

Check out before joining as some clubs do offer discounted joining fees from time to time.

Some locations allow you to drop in for $10 per session.

All age groups are welcome to join as long as you’re able to hit a punching bag.  The average full-body routine allows you to burn up to 500 calories at a time, according to

9round reviews around the Internet

On multiple Yelp reviews online, the high majority had ratings ranging anywhere from four to five stars out of five.  These reviews, while mostly positive, could vary since all locations are independently owned by a franchisee.

Laura Williams at talked about her experience, which was mostly positive.  She liked the planned workouts, the time length and how you could show up at any time you want.

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