How Much Does a Norfolk Terrier Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 8, 2018

The Norfolk Terrier is one of the smallest of the terrier breed and is regarded as one of the best candidates for a family pet.  While Norfolk Terriers are very popular with dog lovers, they have become a rarity.  According to dog breeders, there are only 300 Norfolk Terriers born annually in the USA, with only two to four puppies born in a litter.

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How much does a Norfolk Terrier cost?

On average, plan on budgeting anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 for a Norfolk Terrier puppy.  The costs will depend on the gender, quality, colors, breeder, geographical location and bloodline.

At Trinity Farms, a male Norfolk Terriers cost $2,700 while females cost $3,200.  The prices the farm offers are for pet and family purposes as their puppies are not sold with breeding rights.

Cambridge Terriers, another breeder we had found online, could cost anywhere from $2,250 to $3,000, depending on factors including color, the gender and pedigree.

At, a popular online pet classified website, had only five listings at the time of this writing, with prices in the $3,000 range.

The official AKC Marketplace has a few breeders with listings, and those who did publish their prices asked for close to $3,000.

Factors that affect the price


Raising Norfolk Terrier puppies is a huge responsibility, is time-intensive, and can be extremely costly.  Responsible breeders spend time preparing and implementing a breeding program that involves meticulous selecting of parents to produce healthy and beautiful companion dogs as well as show candidates.  This is the reason that Norfolk puppies usually come at high costs.

Breeder’s location

A location with more puppies than average may see lower prices than that of a city with no puppies available for miles.


Males, on average, are usually sold for a lower price when compared to a female used for breeding purposes


There are countless online sources that directly sell Norfolks; however, the best Norfolk Terrier puppies are raised by certified breeders.  These breeders will raise a puppy with an excellent pedigree and have been given the utmost care since the beginning.  Most of all, these breeders treat them as a family that deserves love and attention in all ways.  In contrast, unreputable breeders, puppy mills or facilities will often offer puppies with no questions and no documentation and at an inexpensive price.


The dog, in general, is already rare, but to want a specific color, can increase the price even more.

What is going to be included in the adoption fee?

A reputable breeder should always include a health certificate signed by a veterinarian, up-to-date vaccinations, health guarantee and travel crate if being shipped.

Other breeders may provide written documentation from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) and PennHip.  Certifications from both organizations are proof that your puppy is free of genetic health conditions.

What are the extra costs?

Most breeders require a reservation deposit to reserve a puppy.  The fee will guarantee the buyer a puppy from the future available puppies, and this deposit will be deducted upon adoption.  With certain breeders, reservations are offered to pre-qualified owners only.

Because of the rarity, you may have to have your dog shipped.  If this is the case, shipping a dog through an airline can cost upwards of $400.

Recurring costs, such as food, accessories and routine/surprise vet visits, need to be factored in.  Starter costs, especially if you haven’t owned a dog before, need to be considered as well.  This can include the food bowls, bed, leashes, toys and more.  A healthy dog can cost upwards of $800 per year, whereas a dog that comes down with a surprise surgery or illness can be double this rate.

Tips to know:

The dog, small in appearance, will measure nine to 10 inches and will weigh close to 12 pounds.

It has a double coat that has a wiry top with a softer undercoat, protecting it from the weather.  Popular shades include black and tan, red, grizzle or red.

When healthy, their lifespan can range anywhere from eight to 14 years.

Choose a breeder that can provide all health certifications required to screen out as many health conditions as possible.

Depending on the breeder, you will only be given the permanent transfer of ownership once you present proof from a veterinarian that the dog has been spayed/neutered.

Check with the Norfolk Terrier Club for a list of breeders that have agreed to abide by the group’s Code of Ethics as a responsible and trustworthy breeder.

The Norfolk Terrier is known to suffer from eye diseases, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, joint diseases and itchy skin conditions.

Due to their smaller size, the dog can work well in apartments or smaller condo settings.

The Norfolk can work well with children and can make a great family pet, but in general, it’s best suited for children who know how to handle dogs properly.

How can I save money?

On the whole, Norfolk Terriers are an expensive breed.  Experts state that if you do not have the money to pay for one raised by a reliable breeder, you will have to save up first and wait for your ideal pup rather than buy an inexpensive puppy from a less than trustworthy source.

Highly consider adopting a puppy at a local rescue center or adoption facility.  While your chances of finding this dog is rare, you may be able to find a puppy that closely resembles one.

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