How Much Does a Nose Piercing Cost?

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A nose piercing is the piercing of the skin or cartilage that forms the nose.  Among all piercings, this is the second common piercing people get.

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How much does a nose piercing cost?

On average, a simple nose piercing is going to cost anywhere from $25 to as much as $65 with a simple piece of jewelry.  The cost of a nose piercing will depend on your piercing choice, the location on your nose, what’s included in the package, the jewelry you want, the piercer you use and the location of the studio.

At, Sophie talked about her nose piercing experience and said she had paid $52 for the piercing and jewelry, plus another $10 for a tip.  The whole process, according to her write-up, took 30 minutes to complete.

Refer to our table to see what the average nose piercing can cost.

Type of Nose PiercingDescriptionAverage Cost
Basic NostrilThe simplest piercing available that's done through the nostril.$25 to $65
BridgeA bridge piercing will run between the eyes and can be placed either vertically or horizontally.$50 to $100
Double NostrilThis complicated piercing can be done on the same side of the nose or on both sides.$50 to $95
High NostrilA piercing on your right or left nostril where the bony structure ends.$50 to $90
NasallangThis is a three-in-one piercing that starts from the right nostril, goes through the septum and ends in the left nostril.$50 to $100
SeptrilThis is a combination of a vertical tip piercing and septum piercing.$40 to $75
SeptumCommonly referred to as a bull piercing, this piercing is created in the fleshy spot below the nose cartilage.$40 to $60
Triple NostrilAs the name implies, these three piercings can form a triangle or a line, creating a unique arrangement.$75 to $115
VerticalAlso known as a rhino, this piercing can being in the cartilage that runs through the nostril and ends near the nose tip. This tends to be the most painful piercing.$50 to $100

Nose piercing overview

Before you can even get your nose pierced, a reputable studio will first look at your identification and have you fill out any paperwork.  Next, once the paperwork is complete, you will then be asked to pick out any jewelry if you want to upgrade.  This way, when you pick it out, it can be inserted the minute the piercing is created.  Most studios will have hundreds of options to choose from.

The process of getting your nose pierced is actually pretty simple.  The nose can be pierced in three areas:  the nostril, septum or the bridge, and before it’s done, the piercer will mark the location with a pen to confirm the location.  Once confirm,  using a sterile needle, the artist will dab the area with an antibacterial swab, and after the area has been disinfected, the needle will puncture through the skin and the artist will instantly insert the new piece of jewelry.  As for pain, you should feel a slight pinching sensation and may be annoying for the next 24 hours.  The pain levels will vary from one person to another.

After the piercing has been completed, they will discuss the aftercare process and make sure you understand the entire process to avoid an infection.

The quotes above will often include, at a minimum, the basic jewelry and a sample aftercare product.

What are the extra costs?

After the piercing, you will have to take care of the piercing properly.  Many artists will recommend a special soap to keep the area cleaned.  These aftercare products, on average, can add another $20 to $50 to your bill.

If you want to upgrade your jewelry, the costs will depend on the type of jewelry you choose.  A diamond stud, for example, will cost a lot more than a simple piece made from sterling silver.  Common types of nose rings, if you were to upgrade, can include a ring, bone, pin, stud, screw, u-bend or spike.

As long as satisfied, most recommend tipping at least 15 percent after the procedure has been done.

Tips to know:

Experts recommend avoiding the piercing gun as this can be very dangerous and unhygienic.  In some states, it can be illegal for a studio to use a piercing gun.  The laws will vary by state, sot you may want to research ahead of time before making your decision.

At a studio, look at the environment to note how clean it is and pay close attention to the health department certificates to see if they are active and valid.

When choosing a studio and professional, always make sure they are qualified, licensed and insured within your state.  A good place to start finding reputable studios in your area can be either on Yelp or via a Google search.

Aftercare is so important to avoid an infection.  The nostril should be cleaned at least three times per day with an anti-bacterial soap.

The healing time can take up to two months and almost a year for the area to toughen up.  During the healing process, it’s not too uncommon to see the area swell or bleed.  It can also form a crusty white discharge or pink color.

How can I save money?

Some studios may offer a package that includes the piercing, jewelry and aftercare products.

In cities with more competition, be on the lookout for special promotions or sales.  Oftentimes, you can find these deals either on their official website, Facebook or even Groupon.

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