How Much Does a Nose Piercing Cost?

A nose piercing is the piercing of the skin or cartilage that forms the nose.  Among all piercings, this is the second common piercing people get.

piercing by Marina Aguiar Araujo, on Flickr
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How much does a nose piercing cost?

Type of Nose PiercingDescriptionAverage Cost
Basic NostrilThe simplest piercing available that's done through the nostril.$25 to $65
BridgeA bridge piercing will run between the eyes and can be placed either vertically or horizontally.$50 to $100
Double NostrilThis complicated piercing can be done on the same side of the nose or on both sides.$50 to $95
High NostrilA piercing on your right or left nostril where the bony structure ends.$50 to $90
NasallangThis is a three-in-one piercing that starts from the right nostril, goes through the septum and ends in the left nostril.$50 to $100
SeptrilThis is a combination of a vertical tip piercing and septum piercing.$40 to $75
SeptumCommonly referred to as a bull piercing, this piercing is created in the fleshy spot below the nose cartilage.$40 to $60
Triple NostrilAs the name implies, these three piercings can form a triangle or a line, creating a unique arrangement.$75 to $115
VerticalAlso known as a rhino, this piercing can being in the cartilage that runs through the nostril and ends near the nose tip. This tends to be the most painful piercing.$50 to $100

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