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Nuvigil is used to help treat excessive sleepiness often caused by sleep disorders, including sleep apnea and narcolepsy.  It has also been prescribed for those who need to stay awake during an upcoming work shift.

Armodafinil, the generic version, received final approval from the FDA on June 1st, 2016.

How much does Nuvigil cost?

The cost of Nuvigil, as with any prescription, will depend on a few factors, including which option you choose (the generic, Armodafinil, vs. Nuvigil, the branded version), the dosage, quantity, the pharmacy you choose and your health insurance.  Unless specified on your prescription, your doctor, when prescribing Nuvigil, will almost always be the generic, Armodafinil, when you pick up your prescription.  Because of this, we will focus on both the generic and branded prescription costs in our table below:

DosageGeneric Price ReportedNuvigil Reported Price
50mg- 30 tablets: $30
- 60 tablets: $50
- 90 tablets: $72
- 30 tablets: $235
- 60 tablets: $460
150mg- 30 tablets: $40
- 90 tablets: $102
- 30 tablets: $700
- 90 tablets: $2,000
200mg- 30 tablets: $50
- 60 tablets: $90
- 90 tablets: $125
- 30 tablets: $700
250mg- 30 tablets: $40
- 60 tablets: $70
- 90 tablets: $140
- 30 tablets: $700

NOTE:  Prices above are for those without insurance coverage.

As for prescription coverage, most private health insurance policies, including Medicare, will not cover the branded Nuvigil tablets; however, the generic, according to, will be covered, with the average co-pay ranging anywhere from $15 to $247, depending on your co-pay stage and deductible stage.  Be sure to check with your health insurance company to know if you’re covered and what you will be responsible for.

How to save on Nuvigil

Ask for a larger dosage:  Ask your doctor if he or she is able to prescribe a larger dosage at the time of your prescription as a 90-day supply will cost a pinch less than a 30-day supply.

Consider a prescription coupon:  Consider the free prescription coupon-based websites, such as, to help you potentially save more than your private insurance policy.  With these coupons, it works in a simple way:  find your local pharmacy, print out the coupon and present it at your local pharmacy just like you would your health insurance card.

Check with your insurance company:  As mentioned, be sure to check with your health insurance policy as there will be a great chance they will cover the prescription as long as you’re in the insurance company’s network.

Savings card:  If your doctor does prescribe “dispense as written,” the manufacturer of the branded drug, Teva, offers a savings card that allows you to pay as little as $5 if you qualify.  Do keep in mind, however, that those who do have Medicare, Medicaid or are part of a public payor program will not be eligible for the card.  Refer to the link for more details as to how you can save if you did want the branded version.

Nuvigil overview

Both Armodafinil and Nuvigil are available in 50, 100, 200 and 250 mg strengths.

Armodafinil helps people who suffer from sleep disorders such as narcolepsy or sleep apnea, to name a few.  It can also help some shift workers stay awake during their job.  This prescription will not cure any of these conditions and will continue to work as long as you take it according to your doctor’s orders.

The dosages will vary, all depending on your personal profile and the dosage strength, but for most, adults will take anywhere from 150 to 250 milligrams in the morning once a day, while shift workers, who suffer from sleep disorders, will take about 150 milligrams one hour before your work shift begins.  Always follow your doctor’s orders and be sure to read the prescription label correctly.

This medicine should be stored in a closed container at room temperature, away from any excessive heat, moisture and/or direct sunlight.  As with any prescription medication, keep away from children and pets.

How does Nuvigil work?

According to, Nuvigil is an oral medication that is used to help promote wakefulness by stimulating the brain, but according to the website, the exact mechanism of action is unknown.  However, they believe it may increase the amount of dopamine, a chemical neurotransmitter in which your nerves use to communicate with each other in the brain to help reduce the uptake of dopamine into the nerves.

Nuvigil side effects

The most common side effects, as per the FDA, include headaches, nausea, trouble sleeping and/or dizziness.

Tips to know

If you prefer the branded Nuvigil, you will need to let your doctor know, because, as mentioned, if your doctor prescribes it, the pharmacy will consider the generic unless the doctor handwrites “brand medically necessary” on your prescription.  However, do keep in mind that now a generic version is available, your health insurance will not cover the costs of the branded medication, which, as you can see in the table above, is much more.

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