How Much Does a New York Athletic Club Membership Cost?

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A by-invitation-only club, the NYAC was founded in 1868 and has about 8,600 members who adhere to a strict dress code and formal atmosphere.  The NYAC provides its members, sponsored guests, and members of their reciprocal clubs an environment designed for athletic training as well as high-end relaxation.

The NYAC states that its “founding premise was to bring structure to a sporting environment that was lacking in organization and uniformity of measurement.”

How much does a New York Athletic Club membership cost?

The New York Times says the fee to join NYAC is $8,500 and the membership fee is about $3,000 a year.  Anyone can’t join, however, and is considered a members-only club.

A article confirms that it costs $8,500 to join the club and $3,000 a year for membership.

New York Athletic Club membership overview

The main location of the New York Athletic Club is at 1800 Central Park South in Manhattan.  Referred to as the City House, it has 187 overnight, fully-equipped guest rooms.  The club also has an exclusive summer location on Travers Island in Westchester County.  Called the Club House, this landscaped location offers exquisite dining as well as recreational and sporting facilities.

As NYAC is a private club, a letter of introduction is needed in order for an individual to be considered for membership.  Club members have access to both NYAC locations, workout facilities, lounges, and restaurants.

The NYAC is not only an athletic club, but it also offers a lounge, restaurants, offices, libraries, card rooms, and even a gift shop.

What are the extra costs?

The use of the various club facilities by members, sponsored guests and/or reciprocal members may encounter individual charges, depending on which facility is used.

Tips to know:

The City House consists of a number of facilities, including a fitness center, gymnasium, squash courts, racquetball courts, handball courts, judo facilities, and fencing areas.

At the Club House, members and guests can choose from facilities such as the athletic field, a fitness gym, and multiple platform tennis courts.  The club also has a program for children. Known as the NYAC Day Camp, it offers an extensive calendar of events catered to children and fun activities.  There is also an annual All Sports Day event for the entire family.

The NYAC has an athlete’s program referred to as the NYAC Athlete’s Fund that supports club athletes by providing them with training to participate in the Summer Olympics every four years.  After a trial period, athletes will then be chosen to become members of the U.S. Olympic Team.  The club also supports organizations that extend assistance to the disadvantaged and needy inner-city youth through sports.

The NYAC enforces a dress code for all members and their guests, restricting athletic attire to be donned only in the athletic areas of the building.

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