How Much Does an NYHRC Membership Cost?

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The New York Health and Racquet Club (NYHRC) is a gym with 10 locations throughout New York.

Founded in 1973, the family-owned and managed company offers state-of-the-art equipment, indoor and outdoor amenities, and a range of services for fitness enthusiasts.

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How much does an NYHRC Membership cost?

On average, the one-time initiation fee will be around $0 to $300, while the monthly dues will be around $130 to $150, depending on the length of the contract, the current promotions and which club you want to sign up for.  Refer to the official website to see the public posted prices.

These prices can be even cheaper if you were a student or even part of a corporate plan.  For example, the NYHRC and the New York University have partnered to provide NYU employees, retirees and their adult family members discounted rates for NYHRC health club memberships, for instance. No initiation fee is required and the monthly fee is $77.

NYHRC Membership overview

An NYHRC membership provides access to all 10 locations in New York State if you choose the All-Club Membership.  The One-Club Membership only offers access to the location you choose at signup.  Both options include multiple guest post passes, a one-hour personal training session and a member reward program.

Each location has state-of-the-art cardio and weight lifting machines and equipment, and nine of the 10 locations have a beautiful indoor pool that is open year-round.  In addition to pools, most locations have saunas and whirlpools for relaxation and recovery after workouts.

There are over 600 classes with top-rated instructors, and most of these classes can be taken free of charge with a membership.

Depending on the location, you may be able to challenge yourself in rock climbing.

Some locations provide free childcare while members are working out or participating in classes or other activities.

There are locations that offer sports facilities such as basketball, racquetball, and squash.

What are the extra costs?

The use of club facilities and equipment typically involves paying for additional charges.  Personal training classes are also offered at prices that depend on what package is chosen.

The use of the beach club is free for NYHRC members, but guests not affiliated with the club are required to pay $15 for children under 12 and $30 for adults.  The parking fee is $20.

The fees to use the golf club vary.  Member Gold rates, for example, are $40 to $55 for nine holes or $70 to $90 for 18 holes, depending on the day of the week.  The rates include greens fees and cart rental.

Booking an online reservation for a yacht cruise costs $26 while walk-up reservations are charged $30, subject to availability.  Specialty cruises are offered: Saturday Late Night Birthday or Private Cruises – $60 per person (minimum of 50 people); Father’s Day Brunch Cruise – $26 per person; and, July 4th Cruise – $115 per person.

If you are going to use the lockers, it would be wise to purchase a lock.

There are refreshments available for purchase at the Club.  This can be something simple such as a bottle of water or something like a fruit smoothie.  There may also be some healthy snack options as well.

Tips to know:

The New York Health & Racquet Club has 10 locations throughout Manhattan and in Great Neck, Long Island. The NYHRC website provides those looking for a class or club the option to search by instructor, by location, by class, or by location.

The NYHRC offers Group Fitness classes that include: cardio classes, mind/body and flexibility classes, and strength classes. Cardio classes include Aqua Zumba, Ballroom Dance, Cardio Sculpt, Cycling, Diezel Kick Impact, Piloxing (a blend of Pilates and boxing), Triathlon Ride, and Zumba. Mind/Body and Flexibility classes offered include Ballet Barre, Barre Fusion, Karate, Tai Chi, Core Yoga, and Meditation. Strength classes include various body workouts with varying intensities and coverage.

Massage sessions are also provided.  A variety of techniques are offered, including Swedish, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Sports Therapy, Medical, Deep Tissue and Reflexology.  A massage session can either be a 10-minute chair massage session or a 25-minute full body massage.  All massage sessions are performed by licensed and trained professionals.

How can I save money?

Consider enrolling in a long-term contract to take advantage of lower monthly rates and initiation fee.

Look for special offers before signing up.  You may find the sign-up fee is currently being waived or lowered.  At the time of this writing, for example, the initiation fee was lowered to $44, an almost $250 savings.

See if being part of an organization or club entitles you to special discounts.  If you are an NYU employee or retiree, for example, consider signing up for a health membership at the NYHRC.  Rather than pay for the usual membership rates of $95 to $100, you only have to pay $75.  You get the same privileges as with other regular members, including access to various amenities, the use of workout equipment, and the NYHRC yacht as well as the NYHRC golf resort and VIP beach club.

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