How Much Does an O2 Fitness Membership Cost?

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O2 Fitness started in 2002 as a place for Raleigh, North Carolina, residents to get together and work out.  Since then, they have opened more than 23 locations throughout North and South Carolina, from Chapel Hill to Charleston.

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How much does an O2 Fitness Club membership cost?

On average, the monthly membership at O2 Fitness will range from $35 to $50 per month with a one-time initiation enrollment fee of $25, but this fee can be less than this depending on the current promotion.  The price is for a single membership.  The cost will depend on who is applying, the time of year, and if any incentives are currently going on.  The club offers a variety of memberships, ranging from month-to-month options to 12-month agreements.

We reached out to the club and were able to receive some quotes; however, use this as an estimate only as your quotes may vary.

Membership TypeCost (per month)
1 member$38
2 members$68
3 members$88
4 members$108
5 members$128

One visitor on this review at the Cary, North Carolina, location stated that she paid $35 per month, with a $5 per month discount because she was a teacher.

On this Reddit thread, one member paid $47 a month for a Triangle-wide membership.  Another, on the same thread, said they paid $70 a month for two person membership.

O2 Fitness Club overview

All locations offer personal training, childcare and access to more than 8,000 clubs, according to the gym’s official website.  Other benefits include a variety of cardio equipment, over 50 group exercise classes, strength machines, free weights, a sauna, steam room, cycling studios, towel service, indoor turf training, indoor pools at some locations, yoga, pilates, and rewards.

First-time members will receive two free training assessments, a training plan, a 21-day nutrition program, a four-week cardio program and a monthly reassessment to help track your results.

What are the extra costs?

The monthly price range estimate above won’t include additional features such as childcare, towel service or a network package to attend other clubs.  From our understanding, each additional service can add about $5 a month to your membership.

Private personal trainers will be an additional charge and will depend on the package you purchase.  According to our research online, the average personal training session will cost $65.

Bootcamps and small personal group training sessions will be an additional cost outside of the membership fees.

Annual maintenance fees can be applied, which can cost more than $25 per year.

Tips to know

It is suggested that you bring your own lock for the lockers while you are working out.  O2 Fitness is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

How can I save money?

Check out Groupon as the gym has advertised in the past.  This daily deal website could bring down your upfront costs substantially.

The gym does offer a free trial along with two free sessions with a personal trainer.  This is a great opportunity for a non-member to get a personal feel of the gym prior to signing up.

Some discounts are available to teachers or military members.  Be sure to ask about these before signing up to see if you qualify.

Feel free to haggle when joining the gym.  You may be able to waive the initial fee or even get a lower monthly membership.

Signing a 12-month agreement, if you plan on committing to the gym, can bring the monthly costs down.

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