How Much Does an Oheka Castle Wedding Cost?

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The Oheka Castle, built in the 1920s, is the country’s second-largest private residence and is one of the top wedding venues in the United States.

This venue offers many different wedding packages to choose from, with a wide array of outdoor spaces and beautiful rooms that can accommodate hundreds of guests.

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How much does an Oheka Castle wedding cost?

The cost of a wedding will depend on the day of the week and time of the year.  Be prepared to spend at least $7,000 to $13,000 to secure the castle.  Outside of reserving the venue, the cost for catering will range anywhere from $200 to $450 per person, according to sources online, and the venue will ask for a 150 guest minimum.

The states that the average wedding at the castle is about $100,000.

On this forum thread, a soon-to-be bride stated that she received a quote for $11,000 to reserve the venue and $200 per person attending the wedding.

The estimates mentioned above will reserve the designated areas for exclusive use and only one wedding will be held per day.

Venue options

The venue offers two outdoor areas:  the Terrace Lawn and the Formal Gardens.

As for the three indoor rooms, designed for receptions, the castle offers the following options:  the Grand Ballroom, Formal Dining Room and Terrace Room.

All rooms, depending on the setup, can accommodate 36 to as many as 700 guests.  The reception can be held on the grounds as well, either in the Formal Gardens outside or indoors due to inclement weather.

What are the extra costs?

All outside vendors must be approved by the vendor to make sure they meet their insurance requirements.  There will be a $500 approval fee.

Gratuities are discretionary and are not part of the package rates.

Floral arrangements and decorations aren’t part of the packages.

Accommodations at the venue for guests has to be considered ahead of time.

Outside of the basic catering packages, changes and upgrades to the menu can add to the costs.

While Oheka Castle does provide a wedding consultant, this person will not be the coordinator for the entire wedding.  If you are looking for someone to do all the organizing of wedding details, such as ordering flowers, hiring photographers and/or taking care of invitations, you will need to hire someone separately.

Buyout rates, if you were to book the entire hotel, could cost $8,000 to $12,000, depending on the factors mentioned prior.

Tips to know

There will only be one wedding per day.

The castle offers appointments seven days a week to let you see what the castle can offer for your special day.

How can I save money?

Booking the wedding during the week can save you up to 40 percent.

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