How Much Does an Olympic Club Membership Cost?

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The Olympic Club is America’s oldest athletic club and private social club located in San Francisco, California.  It was established under the name “the San Francisco Olympic Club” on May 6, 1860.

With more than 5,000 active members competing in about 19 sports, this is the home of most national and international champions.

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How much does an Olympic Club membership cost?

On average, the Olympic Club’s annual dues will be about $20,000, according to members in the past.  The costs will depend on the membership.  An iniation fee, which is said to be in the five figures, needs to be paid before joining as well.  Keep in mind that you must be sponsored by a current member in order to be considered by the club.

According to an article we had found online in the past, the article claims that you should be prepared to spend about $20,000 per year.

Olympic Club membership overview

The Olympic Club has two clubhouses: one is located in Downtown San Francisco, and the second – called the Lakeside Clubhouse – with golf courses in southwest San Francisco, is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and Lake Merced.  The golf course provides views of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as downtown San Francisco.

The Lake Course, one of its 18-hole course, has hosted U.S. Opens as well as other important golf tournaments.

In addition to golf, the Olympic club is also involved in basketball, cycling, tennis, lacrosse, rugby, running, handball, fitness, snowboarding, soccer, skiing, softball, squash, triathlon, water polo and swimming – either by operating facilities, sponsoring teams and/or running programs.

A fitness center equipped with cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, group classes and personal trainers.

The Olympic club also has multiple food and beverage facilities, swimming pools, a billiard room, meeting rooms, overnight accommodations and reading rooms/libraries.

There are many events and tournaments that are sponsored by the Olympic Club that offers members an opportunity to play against stiff competition and show what they can really do; they can even earn awards and titles by winning.

What are the extra costs?

Guest green fees and miscellaneous guest fees will apply.

Social events held throughout the year can have additional fees as well.

Tips to know:

The Olympic Club is private, and non-members cannot play its golf courses except for when you are a member, a guest of a member or are playing in a tournament that has been hosted by the club.  You will also not be allowed to participate in any other sports programs or enter the fitness center without a membership.

The Olympic Club has a strict dress code for each section of the club.  Members and guests are asked to abide by these dress codes at all times.  Refer to the link for more details.

Cell phones are not permitted in the Olympic Club.  The only exception is in the parking lots or parking garages.

Non-members who want to play this course can often play a charity event, according to

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