How Much Does a Onelife Fitness Membership Cost?

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At Onelife Fitness, the club prides itself on providing the ultimate fitness experience to every member all of the time.

With this goal in mind, they claim to have built the nicest health clubs in the industry in Georgia, Maryland and Virginia.

Onelife Fitness Membership Cost
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The reported Onelife Fitness membership costs

The costs of a Onelife Fitness membership, as with most gyms, will greatly depend on the type of gym membership you sign up for, the promotion being held and the location you want to make your primary club.

According to our research, day passes, if you were to choose this option, would cost about $20 a day or $40 a week, but as for monthly rates, the individual rates average about $50~ a month, whereas a couples/family membership can cost about cost an additional $30 per month, plus $10 per child you want to add to the account.   This monthly rate all depends on how much you put down for the enrollment fee as the more you put down, the lower your monthly fee will be.

The one-time enrollment fees, depending on the promotion being held, ranged anywhere from $0 to $150.

One member on this Yelp review for the Alexandria, Virginia, location said she had to pay $10 per kid and another $30 to add his wife to his account.

A member on this Yelp review for the Newport News, Virginia, location said members were quoted $80+ per month for premium private classes.

On the official KC Onelife Fitness page, a $99 enrollment plan costs $45.99 a month while a $0 enrollment fee plan will cost $55.99 a month.

What’s included in the membership?

All memberships include a one-hour personalized meeting with a certified fitness center, a free group training trial, two complimentary 3-day membership cards, unlimited nutrition/meal planning, IHRSA travel benefits and hydro massages.  Tanning and towel services are optional membership add-ons.  Bed tanning, from our research, can cost about $7 per session or $40 a month.

The type of memberships

Couple + Family – A membership designed for either the entire family, including children younger than 18 or a couple’s membership, designed for you and a significant other.  Children on a family membership plan can take advantage of the clubs’ Teens and Health certification program, where they can learn how to use the equipment properly and receive a customized workout plan.

Multi-Club – With more than 30 locations, the multi-club membership option allows members to use all of the clubs with the inclusions mentioned above.

Corporate Wellness – A special pricing tier designed for corporations with more than 10 employees.

The gym amenities offered (vary by location)

How to save money

The club allows you to try the club out at any one of their locations for free by signing up for a free pass on their official website.

Check out before signing up as the club has advertised multiple times in the past.  For instance, in the past, they offered a $19 one-month membership with one personal training session — a $100 value.

It also appears the gym advertises on, a coupon-based company.  At the time of this publishing, the club was offering a $29.99 per month coupon, but it is unknown how long this promotional rate would last.

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