How Much Does an Onyx Collection Shower Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 10, 2018

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The Onyx shower setup has become popular with many homeowners because of its durability, which is known to stand the test of time.

Not only are these showers easy to clean, they come in practically every taste imaginable.

The Onyx Collection has spent more than 25 years developing its product, specifically made for bathrooms.

How much does the Onyx Collection shower cost?

The costs of the Onyx shower will greatly depend on the size of the shower, what you’re looking to purchase and if it’s going to be custom made.  The pan alone can retail for $300 to more than $900, and this price won’t include the shower doors or other components — just the shower pan.  Adding a shower door can add another $800 to $1,200, for example.  A shower kit, which includes the wall panels, base, corner seat, and a caddy if choose to include it, can retail for $1,000 to $2,900+, and again, these costs will greatly depend on the setup as these setups can be greatly customized.

From our research, be prepared to spend about $2,100 to $3,900 for just the Onyx shower setup without any professional installation costs.  As for installation prices, it is best to multiply your materials cost by two to receive a quote for both the materials and labor.  If your complete setup was $2,200, for instance, then the grand total, including a professional contractor, would be about $4,400.

For example, on this forum thread, one member was quoted $1,700 for the Onyx branded shower and another $2,000 for the installation, bringing the total to $3,700.  On this same forum thread, another member stated they paid $1,900 for the entire package with a seat they installed.  This quote was not for a custom product and didn’t include professional installation, either.

On this forum thread, a member looked at the Onyx Collection at Lowe’s and stated she was quoted $1,400 for a 42 x 70 based, but when more options were added, the costs soared to $2,000 without installation.  On this same thread, another member was quoted $3,000 for the shower, which included a 3’x5′ base, three walls and a partial wall.  This quote did not include professional installation.

Onyx Collection overview

The products, as per the manufacturer, are made from a combination of “hydrate crystal” (alumina trihydrate crystals), a material that offers it a translucent appearance and a special polyester resin that they have developed for more than 25 years.  There is also a thin gel coating that sits on the surface which is resistant to the water, minimizing the buildup of potential mold and mildew.  These materials are the same materials used with roofing materials and electrical wire coatings, which are considered to be tough materials that can last a lifetime.

The collection offers standard/custom shower kits, wall panels, inlay trim, shower doors and drains.  All of these options come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  You can use the shower designer on the official website to see which options you can add for your setup.  The calculator, however, will not include price estimates.

The shower walls and pan bases come in more than 63 gloss colors and 30 matte finish colors.  To choose a sampled color from the company, you can do so by clicking here.

What are the extra costs?

Depending on the circumstances, you may need to pay an additional shipping fee.

Installation fees need to be factored in as well.  Again, this will depend on the setup.  Compared to other showers, however, they are considered to be very easy to install.   To get a quote from a local contractor, consider getting multiple quotes for free from locally licensed contractors at

Tips to know:

According to those who do want to purchase the Onyx products, the company will refer you to Lowe’s if one is within 50 miles of your residence.  If not, they will be able to work with you directly.  There are other dealers they recommend via their website as well.

The Onyx Collection products have been built to last, and in effect, they are guaranteed for life. In case a product fails, they do offer to replace it or refund the cost.

All the showers are proudly manufactured by the Onyx Collection in the United States.

Aside from showers, the Onyx Collection also manufactures a wide range of both standard and custom vanity tops, bowls and complete shower systems including shower pans, shower bases, wall panels, shower trays, fireplace hearths, lavatories, slabs, trim, seats, doors and other shower accessories alongside tub surrounds and tub replacements, according to the specifications of the customer in almost any color, size, and shape.

How can I save money?

The company will send you free samples via the mail.  Gather a few samples to see which one you may be interested in.

Their shower kits have been designed to be easily installed by the average homeowner. If you’re handy, consider doing the installation job on your own.

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