How Much Does a Orinda Country Club Membership Cost?

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Founded in 1924, the Orinda Country Club is located in the San Pablo Valley, near the east bay of San Francisco, on more than 250 acres.

Built by the deLaveaga family, the same family who created Orinda, it is considered to be a fantastic recreational retreat for prosperous San Franciscans, according to the East Bay Times.

How much does an Orinda Country Club membership cost?

The cost of a membership, as with any country club, will greatly depend on the membership you apply for.  From what we heard from a former employee, the initiation fees are said to be $60,000, with monthly dues in the $550+ a month range.  These fees, as of present, can be a good estimate; however, don’t take this as an exact quote as these estimates are not guaranteed.  It’s best to contact the club directly for more information.

The club is unique in a way that the active members own it, and to play here, you must be invited by and accompanied by a member.

Orinda Country Club overview

The club, from what we researched, offers a golf and social membership.  The golf membership offers access to all amenities, whereas the social membership offers access to all amenities with the exception of golf.

Its championship golf course, opened in 1924, is considered to be one of the finest options in Northern California, according to the club.  This course, designed originally by William Watson and later renovated by Todd Eckenrode, plays at approximately 6,400 yards and is considered a par 71 course.  The club notes the course is known for its unparalleled variety of holes, with no two holes being alike.  You can take an official club tour, equipped with pictures of all 18 holes, by following this link.

A 40,000 square foot, five-story Spanish Mediterranean-styled clubhouse, surrounded by beautiful oaks, opened in 1925, houses the Grill Room, a Pro Shop and locker rooms.

The club’s pool is opened year-round and is used for swim lessons, team competitions, recreation leagues and recreational purposes.

Its tennis facility features five lighted tennis courts, with three situated adjacent to the 18th green, overlooks the nearby Lake Cascade.  Nearby, the Fitness Center, right on the lake, provides cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights and a stretching area.  A locker room, shower, energy bars and drinks are all available as well.

What are the extra costs?

Private lessons, clinics, leagues and tournaments, all available for golf, tennis and swimming, can be an optional cost to budget for.

Multiple social events, commonly held throughout the year, can be an additional cost to consider.

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