How Much Does an Orthovisc Injection Cost?

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Orthovisc, similar ot the fluid which surrounds the joints in the body, is an intra-articular injection used to treat pain in the knees due to osteoarthritis.  This fluid, effectively, acts as a lubricant and shock absorber for the joints, freeing any pain you may feel.  This is injection is often considered as a last resort if your arthritis medication isn’t working.

How much does Orthovisc cost?

The cost of Orthovisc injections will greatly depend on the pharmacy/physician you choose and your insurance policy, but from we noticed, most insurance companies will not cover these injections, including Medicare at this time.  But, don’t let this discourage you as we did find people online who were able to use their insurance to cover the injections.  From our research, it appears the cost of three two-milliliter syringes will range average about $550 to $1,300 out of pocket.

On, for example, they compared the costs of this injection from the most popular pharmacies, such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Kroger, and the costs seemed to be the same, around $1,330, regardless of which pharmacy you used., via some of its providers listed at the time of this publishing, had prices as low as $550.

A member on this forum thread asked about the injections and noted it would cost her about $1,000.  One member, who did respond to her question, said she received the injection and after about four to six weeks, she noticed a huge difference.  She did note the injections are expensive and some insurance companies will not cover it, but for her, most of the injection was covered by her policy.

What is Orthovisc?

Orthovisc, a brand name of the injection, is a combination of ingredients which will mimic the fluid that your body naturally produces to support the joints.  This material, in turn, will help keep the joints lubricated and will help absorb any shock from high-impact activities such a running or jumping.  Months after the injections, suffers from osteoarthritis feel less pain and friction on the joints.

Before the administration

As per, a doctor will not administer these injections if you are allergic to hyaluronan, have a bleeding/blood clot disorder, an infection in your knee, pregnant and/or an allergy to gram-positive bacterial proteins.  The injections are not approved for anyone younger than 21.

How it is administered

Orthovisc is injected directly into the knee joint at your physician’s office, either by the physician or a trained nurse in a 2-milliliter dose.  Depending on your circumstances, you may be given more than one injection.  If this is the case, then each recurring injection will occur every one week after the first injection.

This injection, for most, should offer pain relief for several months, and your doctor will want to know if your symptoms do not improve.

After the injection, your doctor may ask you to elevate your knees with a compress for a few hours and will ask that you refrain from any strenuous activity for the next 48 hours.

Orthovisc common side effects

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