How Much Does Paintless Dent Removal Cost?

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Paintless dent removal, commonly referred to as PDR, is the process of removing any car dents without damaging or adding any paint.  Compared to a body shop, PDR is very low cost, it’s time efficient, the original paint remainds and the body panels will remain intact.

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How much does paintless dent removal cost?

The cost of paintless dent removal will depend on the size of the dent, the number of dents, where the dent is located, the type of car and the professional doing the job.  Overall, be prepared to spend anywhere from as little as $40 to as much as $125 for a one-inch dent.  This price will, of course, increase as the dent gets bigger.  For every additional half inch, plan on adding another $10 to $40.  Multiple dents in the same area, however, can significantly lower the price per dent.

Dent Works, a paintless dent repair company located in Austin, Texas, lists a handful of before and after pictures, along with what they charged the customer.  For instance, a dent around the wheel well of a Mazda 3 was $200 to $250, while a smaller dent on the hood of a Toyota Tacoma cost $175 to $200.

We talked to a few body shops and we were able to come up with a decent average throughout the United States.  To get an estimate, measure your dent’s diameter and refer to the chart below.  This will be the cost “per dent,” but some shops may offer significant discounts for every additional dent, sometimes as much as 50 percent off.

Size of Dent (in diameter)Price Range

Paintless dent removal overview

There are three common options when choosing a type of business to repair your dents:  a dealership, larger franchise such as MAACO or a smaller mom and pop shop.  Other companies you may hear about include the Ding Doctor, Ding King and Dent Wizard.

During the process, a trained technician will use a variety of specifically designed tools to access the dent from the back of the car’s panel.  Slowly, push by push, the panel will be reshaped to its original form, making it look new again.  If it’s done properly, no one will ever know the area even had a dent.  The process will use no chemicals, paint or a filler, similar to other door dent removal methods.

Depending on the degree of difficulty, most jobs can be done in 30 minutes to four hours.

A reputable shop should include a lifetime warranty, effectively guaranteeing the dent will never come back.

What are the extra costs?

Some factors, as stated by Excel Dent Removal, may increase the pricing.  These factors often include the material the car is made of.  For example, double metal, laminated glass, high strength steel and deep dents may have a 25 to 35 percent markup.

Tips to know

PDR won’t harm your vehicle’s factory finish and because of this, it will help retain your vehicle’s value.  Sometimes, using traditional methods may harm your vehicle, ultimately hurting the value.

Most plastic components and bumpers may not be able to be fixed with PDR.

If the panel isn’t easily accessible, this technique may not work.

While rare, some damage may occur during the process.

How can I save money?

Consider checking with your car insurance company before getting a dent fixed as this is often covered by the insurance industry.   Even though the dent looks small, the overall bill can be higher than you expect.  If you want to play it safe, get a quote ahead of time to see what you will have to pay.

With any car repair, it doesn’t hurt to get a few quotes online or in person.  Most reputable shops will be more than happy to offer a quote for free.

Repair kits that can be used at home can cost anywhere from $22 to $250.

Most companies will offer discounts to those who have more than one dent.

Going with this option is much cheaper than the traditional body shop options, which can be up to 75 percent more.  It can also save you time since the work can be done in less than three hours when compared to a body shop that may take days.

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