How Much Does a Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club claims to be the most welcoming golf and country club in the Bay Area.

Nestled next to the Arastradero Preserve, this country club offers a challenging golf course, year-round recreation and many social activities for its guests.

How much does a Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club membership cost?

On average, the costs, similar to other country clubs, will depend on the type of membership you apply for.  The initiation fees reportedly run about $150,000 to $175,000.  In order to join the club, however, two recommendations from current members in good standing will be required from a Proprietary member if signing up for a Proprietary membership or two recommendations from a Social or Proprietary member if applying for a social membership.

According to, they claim this is one of the highest priced country clubs in California, with the initiation fees averaging $150,000. claims the club commands a $175,000 initiation fee.

The membership options

Golf Proprietary — offers full privileges to the golf course and all other club facilities for the immediate family.  These members are shareholders of the club and will hold an equity position which can be transferred or sold in the future.

Social — includes full privileges to the club but has limited golf privileges for the member and immediate family.  Social members won’t have voting rights but are able to participate in the committee.  These are non-equity based memberships and can’t be transferred or sold in the future.  Social members can use all golf practice facilities and are limited to 12 rounds of golf per year when paying the guest fees.

Young Professional — designed for those who are ages 21 to 43 and this membership option offers full privileges to the club for the member and their immediate family.  Members, unlike the Proprietary option, won’t have voting rights but may participate on the committee.  These memberships, like the social option, will be a non-equity option that can’t be transferred or sold.  As long golf is played during the open play times, no green fees will apply.

Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club overview

The club offers an 18-hole, par 72 golf course which spans more than 128 acres, driving range, practice green, a fitness center, aqua spa, swimming pool, kiddie pool, playground, tennis courts, youth rooms and social events held throughout the year.

According to the club, members also have established reciprocity with five premier golf clubs around the world, including the Castle Golf Club in Dublin, Ireland, the Pymble Golf Club in Sydney, NSW Australia, The King Kamehameha Golf Club in Maui, Hawaii, the Vancouver Golf Club in Vancouver, Canada and the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong, Philippines.

What are the extra costs?

Every six months, there is a $900 minimum food and beverage fee, according to this PDF.

Golf programs, clinics and tournaments are available throughout the year for an additional fee.

Social events, held throughout the year, can be an additional cost to consider if planning to attend.  Popular events include the Father’s Day BBQ, Dragon Boat Golf and Dinner and the Senior Club Champ Niner Guest Day, for example.

Private golf and swim lessons are available for an additional fee.

Tips to know:

The club does have a strict cell phone policy and dress code.

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