How Much Does Parmesan Cheese Cost?

Parmesan cheese, which is Parmigiano Reggiano, is a type of hard cheese that originated in Italy, but it is now widely produced and used worldwide.  The term “parmesan cheese” actually doesn’t even exist in Italy as it’s an American name and is used as a term for various simulations of the cheese.  Parmesan cheese is distinctively salty, has many uses, but it is mainly used for toppings on pasta and pizza.  It is also used as an ingredient for different sauces.

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Parmesan wedge” (CC BY 2.0) by  richard_north

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Romano vs parmesan – the difference?

This is often a debate and people often wonder what the true differences are.   To help you understand, we discuss below:

  1. Both kinds of cheese are hard and will be dry.  Each one will also be grated and served over salads, pastas and some vegetables.
  2. They both have originated in Italy, too.  However, Romano was first produced in Rome, while Parmesan originated in Parma.
  3. In terms of texture, Roman will be hard and grainy, usually made from sheep’s milk, while Parmesan will be made from cow’s milk.

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