How Much is a Party at Lucky Strike?

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Lucky Strike, which opened its first location back in 2003 when the iconic Hollywood Star Lanes shut down, is a great way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion.

Lucky strike offers a great place for adults to hang out and have fun while being entertained and eating great food.

With multiple locations years later, Lucky Strike offers a club and bar-like atmosphere — all while having fun on the bowling lanes.

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How much is a birthday party at Lucky Strike?

The cost of a private party is going to depend on the amount of time needed, the location, the package you choose and if any extra amenities are needed.  On average, plan on spending anywhere from $35 to $70 per guest, with a minimum of 15 guests.  This price range is enough to cover two hours of bowling time and a few light snacks.  Higher-price ranges, however, can include premium bar time and more food options.

To budget accordingly, a party for 15 people at Lucky Strike, from what we researched, will probably cost around $700 for basic food and two hours of bowling.

For example, the Lucky Strike in Boston charges $48 per guest for a basic two-hour package.  This package includes hot dogs, sausages, burgers and chips; however, the drinks will not be included.

If you just want to rent the lanes and avoid the party packages, a two-hour lane rental at Lucky Strike can cost anywhere from $150 to $250.  The costs are going to depend on the time and day of the week you book.  According to, a Sunday to Tuesday rental is $150, with a maximum of 10 people allowed on the lanes.

Lucky strike birthday party overview

Lucky Strike offers packages for special events, adults, and children parties.  Before the party begins, you will meet with an event coordinator to discuss the needs of the party and reserve a date.  Once confirmed, you will be set up with a time and date.  When arriving for the party, you will meet with your event coordinator so that he or she can set you up with your lanes.  If more than one bowling lane is needed, they will try their hardest to make them side-by-side.

Typical events are going to be at least two to three hours long.

Aside from bowling, there’s more entertainment offered by Lucky Strike.  Depending on the location and the party package you choose, some of these may be included while others will cost extra:

What are the extra costs?

A 50 percent refundable deposit will be required at the time of the booking to secure your spot.

If you choose to do so, decorations are able to be brought in at your own expense.

Depending on the party package, drinks and food may be extra.  The costs will depend on what you’re looking to purchase.  Since all locations are different, you can view their menus here. Most locations offer traditional bar food, cocktails, craft and draft beers.  Keep in mind, though, that some packages will include basic finger foods like burgers and chips.

Taxes and service charges may apply.

Tips to know

Depending on the location, spots can fill up fast; it is recommended that you book at least six to eight weeks in advance.

For every 10 bowlers on a lane, plan on taking up to one hour of your party time.

Arrive at the event at least 10 to 15 minutes in advance to get everything set up.

Some packages are only available during certain times of the day.

If your party lasts later than 9 p.m, each guest will need to be 21 or older.

Make sure you are well aware of their dress code and let your guests know as well.

How can I save money?

Lucky Strike tends to be on the higher end when it comes to booking a bowling party.  If you do not care where your party is at, consider talking with a handful of bowling alleys in your area to see what they charge.

Instead of booking a party package, consider a lane rental.  By renting a lane for two hours, the costs can be anywhere from $150 to $200.  You can then go somewhere cheaper for food and drinks.

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