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Opening its doors in 1961, the franchise, today, has expanded to more than 800+ stores nationwide, and according to the fine print of the official site, eye exams are available by Independent Doctors of Optometry at or next to Pearle Vision in most states.  In some cases, the doctors will be employed by Pearle Vision, all meaning the prices will vary when you receive an eye exam quote.

Pearle Vision Eye Exam Cost
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How much does an eye exam cost at Pearle Vision?

The cost of an eye exam, as per the official Pearle Vision website, will depend on your geographical region, the reason for your visit and what type of exam you need.  While the website does not go into specifics as to what you should be prepared to pay, we did research various unconfirmed third-party websites to come up with a consensus as to what you may be charged, and according to most, the prices ranged anywhere from as little as $48 to $95 for a basic eye exam, with a contact lens exam retailing for $85 to $115+.  This price can greatly vary on the factors mentioned prior as well as if any current promotions are being held.

As for vision insurance, the company notes they do accept it, including EyeMed and VSP; however, it will vary based which insurance plan you have.  To know for certain, it’s best to call the location you plan on visiting to see if they will accept it.

Comprehensive eye exam with digital retinal imagingas low as $45 with promotion to $65+
Contact lens examas low as $65 with promotion to $95+
Contact fitting+$29 to $40+

According to one member on this forum thread, for instance, she was quoted $54 for a basic eye exam at her local location and would be charged extra if pupil dilation or more advanced visual field testing.

On this review, the reviewer said they were quoted $79 for the exam, but this exam did not include the glaucoma screening and the digital exam.  If he wanted those tests, then the grand total would be $129, not including any frames or lenses after the fact.

Prices Quoted/PaidSource
$50 for just the eye exam at Mesa, AZ locationLINK
$120 on contact lens eye exam only at Scottsdale, AZ locationLINK
$69.95 exam at Hollywood, FL locationLINK
$99 for eye exam plus $50 for pupil distance at East Hanover, NJ locationLINK
$200 for contact lens and fitting without insurance at East Hanover, NJ locationLINK
$70 for eye exam at Ann Arbor, MI locationLINK
$119 for contact lens exam at Crystal Lake, IL locationLINK
$126 for contact lens exam at Crystal Lake, IL locationLINK

What to expect at the eye exam

The official website asks you to bring any insurance cards, healthcare information, a list of medications, your current eyeglasses and a general understanding of your family eye history.

First, be prepared to answer any medical questions relating to any eye problems you have experienced in the past, including when the symptoms began, which medications you used, any conditions which may be contributing to the symptoms, any previous eye conditions your family members experienced as well as the history of your family eye issues.

The type of eye testing required will greatly vary according to the doctor’s judgment based on your history, with the most common tests include a visual acuity test, keratometry test, cover test, ocular movement test and/or refraction test.  Patients who need contact lenses may also need additional tests, again, based on the doctor’s recommendation, including cornea measurements, pupil measurements, a tear film evaluation and/or an evaluation of the eye surface to ensure the contact lenses will fit properly.

Tips to know

Pearle Vision, like many of your popular eyeglass chains, seems to always have promotions going on, whether its or even on the official website.  Before making an appointment, look at their website or even ask in person if any coupons/special promotions are readily available.

The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with your eyewear purchase, allowing you to bring it back, within 30 days, and the company will “make things right.”

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