How Much Does a Pekingese Dog Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 15, 2018

The Pekingese dog, also known as a “Pekinese” or “Peke,” is commonly referred to as a lion dog because of its long hair that resembles a lion’s mane.  Bred as a smaller toy dog, this breed is commonly found in China.

The cost of a Pekingese dog is going to depend on the breeder, the geographical location, the age of the dog, the quality and inclusions.

Pekingese by Helmuts Guigo, on Flickr
Pekingese” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Helmuts Guigo

How much does a Pekingese puppy cost?

On average, a puppy can cost anywhere from $500 to $750, but dogs that have an AKC champion bloodline will be in the $1,000 to $2,500 price range.

For example, on the official AKC Marketplace, one breeder had one up for adoption for $2,000 to $2,500.

According to the website, a website that allows breeders to post listings for their dogs, have prices that range anywhere from $300 to as much as $1,100.  The common factors for their pricing greatly depended on the quality of the dog, the geographical location of the breeder as well as the reputation of the breeder selling.

What is going to be included in the adoption fee?

Reputable breeders should include a health checkup, health guarantee, up-to-date vaccinations and a travel crate if being shipped.  Some breeders or rescue groups may also include a spay/neutering and microchip.

What are the extra costs?

If the dog has to be shipped outside of the United States, a shipping fee will apply.  Depending on the airline and how far the dog has to travel, the costs can be between $350 and $500.

As with any dog, reoccurring costs such as obedience classes, dog food, shelters, toys and vet visits need to be counted for.  The average dog owner should be prepared to spend about $700 to $1,000 per years.

These dogs can be rather stubborn and hard to train.  While these dogs can eventually learn commands, they won’t learn them as fast as other breeds.  Because of this, it’s highly recommended to take the dog to obedience training classes at a young age.

Due to the longer coat, their hair is known to tangle or develop knots.  Because of this, it’s recommended they are brought to a groomer for a regular shampooing and brushing.  Their eyes and face should be cleaned daily with a softer cloth to prevent dirt buildup.  Also, if the folds aren’t kept clean, they can develop dermatitis, irritations or an infection.

Tips to know:

This breed has a double coat that is long, soft to the touch and can drag along the ground with a sturdy, well-built structure.  Common colors include black, white, and tan, but they can come in a variety of colors and markings, including parti-color.

The average size ranges anywhere from six to nine inches and can weigh up to 15 pounds.

As for its temperament, this breed is known to be very loving, sensitive and affectionate most of the time; however, there will come times when they can be stubborn. Usually loyal to one person, this breed can actually make for a good guard dog since they don’t respond well to strangers or strange noises.

Even though the dog can get most of its exercise indoors, it’s still recommended you take them on short walks daily.  These dogs, due to their size, do make a great dog for smaller living spaces such as apartments.

The Pekingese is known to develop problems such as dislocated kneecaps, breathing problems and eye issues.

If you don’t frequently brush or comb its coat, it can become a matted mess, leading to a lot of heavy shedding.

Are Pekingese hypoallergenic?  Keep in mind no dog is 100 percent hypoallergenic, but there are some that can do well with allergy sufferers.  The Pekingese is no different since they are considered to be a heavy shedder, and for that very reason, they aren’t recommended for those who suffer from allergies.

The average lifespan is 11 to 15 years.

How can I save money?

Since these dogs are fairly common, check with a local shelter or Pekingese rescue to see if they have any up for adoption.  While dogs in a shelter are going to be cheaper and/or older, you can feel better knowing that you have given the dog a good home.

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  1. Lila (New York City,  New York) paid $1000 and said:

    I bought a three month old Peke puppy. He was origanally $2,400 but because he was quite older than the other dogs they allowed me to take him home for $1,000. He is a purebred.

    Was it worth it? Yes

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