How Much Does a Permanent Foundation for a Mobile Home Cost?

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It has been said that a mobile home with a permanent foundation tends to hold its value better when compared to its non-affixed counterparts which simply sit on piers.  It also conforms to HUD/FHA compliant permanent foundation guidelines.

A mobile/manufactured home can be affixed to a permanent foundation, either when it’s first setup or in the near feature as a retrofit.

Permanently setting up your mobile home on a foundation can be done in any situation but is often considered a costly process.

Permanent Foundation for a Mobile Home Cost
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The reported mobile home permanent foundation cost

The costs of creating a permanent foundation for your mobile home will greatly vary on so many factors, including the type of foundation, your soil conditions, your geographical location, the home’s condition, the contractor you choose and if any obstacles are foreseen.  The biggest culprit, often being the soil, will determine the frost penetration depth, which will determine what kind of foundation is needed and the depth.

With so many factors, you can see costs greatly ranging from as little as $9,000 to $25,000 or about $18 to $33 a square foot for a basic concreted-based foundation.  Do keep in mind, however, that other fees can occur, which will go into detail below in our “extra costs” section.

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Floating SlabThis is the most common type of foundation used and is considered the best option for a colder climate. A floating slab usually involves multiple "slabs" of concrete which will be reinforced with rebar and will sit on the ground, providing a stable foundation for the home to sit on. With anchors embedded in the concreate, the home is secured to the foundation. A floating slab will only be about six inches thick due to the way the concrete is processed, but as the ground freezes, this allows the home to move, preventing cracks or damage to the foundation. This type of foundation is one of the most affordable systems and requires minimal time to install.$5,000-$15,000
Basement FoundationBasement foundations are often poured for manufactured homes, not a mobile home. These types of foundations, as you can imagine, will provide a strong structural foundation and essentially double your living space. The construction costs are higher due to the construction time and materials used.$15,000-$30,000
Pit-space CrawlspaceA crawlspace, typically used when a foundation is expected or to meet building requirements, can offer two benefits: It can incorporate a full wall support around the home together with a space beneath the home. As there are many designs and ways to build this type of foundation, the costs can vary, but this type of foundation tends to fall in the middle.$10,000-$20,000
Roll-onIf a homeowner wants the home to be even with the ground, then a deep foundation will be dug first and then reinforced with walls to make it appear as if the home is sitting on the ground.$8,000-$18,000
Pit-setSimilar to the floating slab mentioned prior, a pit-set foundation is poured about two feet below the ground, followed by pouring the walls around the perimeter to allow the home to slightly sit above the ground level. When finished, it will create the illusion of an enclosed foundation.$8,000-$18,000

On this blog post, they broke down the costs of their modular home process.  In the breakdown, they reportedly paid $22,250 for a full basement foundation.

The extra costs you need to think about

Planning and permits – Laying a foundation will always require a plan, and all mobile home owners will need to abide by the local building codes, meaning you will need inspections from the city and permits as the foundation is being poured and once it’s complete.  The average costs of the permits will greatly depend on your geographical location and size of the job, but recommends budgeting $0.89 a square foot.

Soil reports – These reports are necessary as it can help determine what kind of foundation you will need for your project.

Structural engineers – A structural engineer will be required to inspect the foundation location before even considered to help spot any weaknesses and/or make some recommendations for any foreseen potential failures.  Depending on the engineer being hired and the size of the job, this inspection can average $400 to $1,000.

Moving the mobile home – If the mobile home is already on site and needs to be moved, this can be yet another cost to consider.  Moving a mobile home, just a few feet from the site, can reach into the four figures.

The pros of choosing a permanent foundation

When a mobile home is affixed to a permanent foundation, it is now viewed as a real piece of property rather than a personal piece of property, meaning “real” property, in general, will tend to increase in value over time when compared to a home that isn’t affixed to a permanent foundation.  In the future, when you do decide to sell, this will not only be great for your pocketbooks, it can increase the pool of buyers interested in your home.

Aside from the potential value increases, a permanent foundation can often qualify for mortgage financing as banks usually will not offer a mortgage for homes not set on a permanent foundation such as a mobile home.  This isn’t the case, however, as it will vary from bank to bank and your situation.

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