How Much Does a Philadelphia Cricket Club Membership Cost?

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The Philadelphia Cricket Club was established 1854 and is considered to be one of the oldest clubs in the United States.

The club was created by a group of young men of English ancestry who had played the game while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. With the personal purpose to continue to play together, even after their graduation, they formed the club. Cricket was broken up in 1924 but was renewed in 1998 by the director of tennis who grew up in New Zealand where cricket is quite popular.

The Philadelphia Cricket Club is a private tennis club located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and membership is by invitation only by club members.

How much a Philadelphia Cricket Club membership cost?

The initiation fees and annual dues will greatly depend on the type of membership you apply for and the age of the applicant.  From what we researched, a full membership will have an initiation fee of about $10,000, with annual dues close to $9,500 or $791 a month.  These were the prices sourced from this job posting on

Junior memberships are said to be less, often in the $1,500 to $4,000 a year range.  On this forum thread, one member said he played with a college student who said he paid $4,500 a year, but he didn’t know if this included the minimums required by the club.

Philadelphia Cricket Club membership overview

The club offers two 18-hole golf courses, one of which is nationally ranked, according to Philly Mag, a nine-hole golf course located in Chestnut Hill, a cricket field, four paddle tennis courts, an eight-lane swimming pool, children’s pool, 34 tennis courts with varying surfaces (21 grass, 9 clay and 2 indoor), squash courts (3 singles and 2 doubles), croquet fields, trapshooting and a fitness center.

On campus, the club features a large, multi-dimensional clubhouse, which features five dining spaces capable of accommodating up to 250 guests.

What are the extra costs?

All members are required to meet an annual food minimum, which is said to be close to $800 a year.

Guest fees will apply to non-members who come with a member of the club.

Social events, held throughout the year, will almost always have a fee to join.

Programs, clinics, tournaments, private lessons, personal training and children activities all can be additional fees to budget for.

Tips to know:

The club was one of the original members who founded the American Lawn Tennis Association in 1881.

The club is the only golf club in the United States to have opened a golf course in each of the three centuries. St. Martin’s course was open for play in 1898 and hosted the United States Open Championship in 1907 and 1910. The Flourtown Course was established in 1922, and the Militia Hill Course was opened for play on April 27, 2002.

This post on the described his experience at the club.

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