How Much Does a Cell Phone Charging Port Repair Cost?

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Charging ports, unfortunately, are easy to damage due to the constant connecting and removal of the connector cord.

This constant movement, over time, can be hard on the port, often moving, bend, and in a worst-case scenario, damaging the internal components and the charging port itself.

If your phone isn’t charging the way it has been in the past, then there’s a good chance there is something wrong with the phone’s charging port.

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How much does cell phone charging port repair cost?

The cost of repairing a phone’s charging port will greatly depend on your phone’s make/model and the professional you use.  With a great range of pricing, we broke down the estimates we were quoted for in the table below.  For the most part, a third-party service will charge $40 to $105 to fix a charging port, but these prices may be much higher if you were to use the manufacturer of the phone themselves.  For example, if you were to use Apple, the costs of a charging port repair could greatly range from as little as $149 for a iPhone 3G to as much as $549 for an iPhone X.

Phone Make/ModelPrice Quoted
iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6s/6 Plus$100
iPhone SE/5/5C/5S$80
Most Nokia Models$75
Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/S7$100
Samsung Note Models$100

Keep in mind, that in some cases, the charging port may not be the issue and it could be related to the phone’s battery.  If this were the case, the battery would be swapped out and the charging port would remain intact.

On this forum thread, members claimed you should be prepared to budget anywhere from $50 to a little over $100.

What is included in the repair?

If you do choose a third-party retailer, they will often include a warranty, which, depending on the company, can range anywhere from three months to as long as a year.

Most third-party companies will use third-party parts, hence, the reason they are able to charge a lower price than the manufacturer themselves.  If you do decide to use a third-party service, your warranty, if your phone is still covered, will be null and void if you do choose this route.

In most cases, the entire repair will take up to two hours.

Tips to know

In some circumstances, the charging port could be dirty or even dusty, and in some cases, you can even see this debris by shining a flashlight inside the port.  If this were the case, it could block the connection, which means your phone won’t charge the way it should.  If you have a can of compressed air, try blowing some air inside the port to remove any debris inside.  If this doesn’t help, then you could try turning off the phone and use a small amount of rubbing alcohol and/or contact cleaner to clean the inside of the port with the battery removed.    Never spray or place any liquid on the port itself as it can cause more damage.

If you’re using a new charger, pay close attention to the power requirements as most phones will have a specific minimum amount of power in order for it to charge correctly.  Even if the charger “fits” the phone, it doesn’t mean it’s compatible.  A simple search online can yield some results if you do have a problem with your new charger.  If it’s older charger that has worked in the past, and you didn’t try another charger that you know works, the problem may lie in the adapter, not the charger or the lightning charger cable.

In rare circumstances, your phone’s software could actually be preventing your phone from charging.  If your phone’s software was recently updated, you may want to force reset/hard reset your phone to see if the phone charges again.

How to save money

Consider the repair on your own as there are countless YouTube videos showing you how the repair can be done.  Parts are often less than $10 and will include all of the necessary tools to complete the job.  Going this route can easily save you more than $50+

If your phone is still under the warranty and they deem the part defective, you should be covered.  Talk with the manufacturer of your phone to see if you qualify for a free warranty repair.

As you can see from the costs above, it’s always best to choose a reputable third-party as they can save you hundreds of dollars.  As long as your phone is outside of its warranty, most third-party shops, even if they use third-party parts, will do just as good of a job, if not better in terms of customer service and turnaround time.

Depending on the phone, the mainboard of the device may need to be replaced due to the charging port being connected to it.  If this were the case, you may be better off taking the repair money and investing in a newer phone.

How to charge a phone with a broken charger port

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