How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost?

Physical therapy is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty that promotes mobility, function, diagnosis, prognosis and physical intervention, and it’s often recommended if you’re feeling a nagging pain or some stiffness in your joints.  Whatever the problem may be, a physical therapist will be able to treat these muscle and joint problems with a detailed exercise regime.

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How much does physical therapy cost?

Type of TrainingAverage Price WITHOUT insurance
Biofeedback Training$100 to $200
Cognitive$100 to $150 per 15 minutes
Electrical Stimulation$125 to $225 per 15 minutes
Ergonomic Study$200 to $300
Gait Training$100 to $175 per 15 minutes
Iontophoresis$100 to $175 per 15 minutes
Manual Technique$125 to $175 per 15 minutes
Massage$75 to $135 per 15 minutes
Physical Therapy Evaluation$150 to $400, depending on severity of issue
PT & Reconstructive$100 to $150 per hour (unsupervised will be 30% less)
Whirlpool$100 to $200

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