How Much Does a Plunge Pool Cost?

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In nature, a plunge pool is created at the base of a waterfall by the erosional force of falling water.  These pools are formed by its natural source but can also be a man-made option.  These pools are commonly found in gardens and are smaller in diameter when compared to the pool you’re used to seeing.

These pools are built with the same specifications and codes as a regular pool, but unlike a regular swimming pool, it isn’t designed for recreational use or exercise.  Rather, it’s more for lounging around to keep cool or enjoy a glass of wine.

A plunge pool will often be recommended if you have limited space or you don’t want your pool taking up the entire backyard.  This miniature pool, while often confused with a kiddie pool, really isn’t.  It will still function as a regular pool, using the same components, and can look just as great if done right.

Plunge Pool at One Bedroom Villa - Four by Matt@PEK, on Flickr
Plunge Pool at One Bedroom Villa – Four” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Matt@PEK

How much does a plunge pool cost?

The average cost of a small plunge pool will depend on the materials being used, the size, geographical area, features added and the contractor building the pool.  On average, to have a basic plunge pool installed, the price can vary anywhere from $15,000 to as much as $30,000.  The prices, when compared to a conventional swimming pool, can be much less since a plunge pool can be much smaller, often capping out at five feet long.  Since all jobs will be so unique, consider getting multiple quotes for free by using  Simply describe your pool vision and licensed contractors can send you ballpark estimates for you.

According to a forum member on, he was quoted close to $40,000 for a plunge pool that measured six by 13 feet.  This quote included the shell, waterline tiles and heating, but he said you could lower your quote if you were to choose an entry-level company, which could bring the costs down to about $25,000 or so.  On that same thread, someone else said they paid $14,000 for a 14 by seven-foot pool with spa jets and seats installed.

Home Stratosphere showcases 21 plunge pool options and discusses the prices, pros and cons of owning one.  According to their guide, the average price, with labor and materials, will be in the $20,000 to $30,000 range.

Plunge pool overview

Plunge pools, on average, will use up to 80 percent less water when compared to the traditional pools found in a backyard.  The same can be said with the variable speed pump as it will have less water to pump, effectively using 80 percent less in energy consumption.  While small, they still function like a pool and will have a pool pump, filters, seats, stairs and/or ladders.

A plunge pool can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and similar to a hot tub, it can also include seats, jets, small/large water features and so much more.  While most contractors will have designs you can choose from, you can create your own “vision” as well.  If you can think of it or even see a picture of a pool online, then it can be built if you find the right professional.

What are the extra costs?

The prices mentioned above will only include the costs of the pool and will not include the surroundings once the pool is complete.  Landscaping, patio furniture and even a concrete patio all need to be factored in, and the costs can greatly depend on what you want to do once the pool has been installed.

Adding premium add-ons, such as a water feature, can increase the costs, depending on what you’re looking to add.  Some even opt to connect a hot tub to the pool.

A plunge pool can be heated, and depending on the size of the pool and where you live, installing a pool heater will depend on the option you choose.  Some choose to have it heated by gas, whereas others install solar panels. However, due to its size, it can cost up to 80 percent less than that of a conventional pool, saving you a quite a bit of money.

Since it functions as a regular pool, you need to factor in the weekly maintenance such as adding chlorine.  Hiring a professional can cost around $80 per month, but if you were to do it on your own, it could be half this amount

Tips to know:

A plunge pool, while it takes up less space, can get cramped when two or more people are mingling around.  If you plan on having parties or plan on having more than two in the pool at once, you may want to consider a larger size.

If you plan on laps, it can be done; however, it will be much shorter than the regulation rates.  A diving board will not be an option.

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