How Much Does a Plunge Pool Cost?

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In nature, a plunge pool is created at the base of a waterfall by the erosional force of falling water.  These pools are formed by its natural source but can also be a man-made option.  These pools are commonly found in gardens and are smaller in diameter when compared to the pool you’re used to seeing.

These pools are built with the same specifications and codes as a regular pool, but unlike a regular swimming pool, it isn’t designed for recreational use or exercise.  Rather, it’s more for lounging around to keep cool or enjoy a glass of wine.

A plunge pool will often be recommended if you have limited space or you don’t want your pool taking up the entire backyard.  This miniature pool, while often confused with a kiddie pool, really isn’t.  It will still function as a regular pool, using the same components, and can look just as great if done right.

Plunge Pool at One Bedroom Villa - Four by Matt@PEK, on Flickr
Plunge Pool at One Bedroom Villa – Four” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Matt@PEK

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