How Much Does Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost?

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Pool deck resurfacing can spice up an older pool deck and make it look like new again without having to pour new concrete.  When resurfacing, you will be able to add color or even create a look of natural looking stone.

Pool Deck Flagstone - Ft Wayne, IN by Decorative Concrete Kingdom, on Flickr
Pool Deck Flagstone – Ft Wayne, IN” (CC BY 2.0) by  Decorative Concrete Kingdom

How much does pool deck resurfacing cost?

On average, the average pool resurfacing job is going to cost anywhere from $4 to as much as $9 per square foot.   The costs of pool deck resurfacing will depend on the size of the pool deck, the materials/colors being used, the company you choose, cracks on the surface, geographical location and if any customization is done.  Because all jobs are so unique and so many factors come into consideration, consider getting multiple quotes for free from licensed contractors in your area at

According to, a standard sized pool can cost from $2,500 to $3,500, and the price depends on the amount of damage that needs to be fixed.

The Concrete Network says a simple design can cost $6 to $10 per square foot to resurface to as much as $15+ per square foot for an elaborate design.

Cool Concrete Creations, LLC, located in Tempe, Arizona, says the costs of their products can be in the $2.50 to $5.50 per square foot range, depending on the condition of your existing concrete and the products you’re using.

The AZ Central newspaper, in one of its articles, said it could cost $750 to $1,000 to coat an existing pool deck with acrylic lace.

Pool deck resurfacing overview

During the resurfacing process, the contractor will clean the concrete first with a pressure washer to remove all the dirt, grease and little pieces of concrete.  After this, they will then patch all the holes and cracks so it’s not visible on the new surface.  After this is done, the cracks should be roughed to flatten all the edges to create a smooth surface, and the contractor should then follow the manufacturer’s instructions, depending on the process being used.  The final process will bring back the original texture, colors and a new-looking surface.

After the pool deck has been resurfaced, owners can browse through thousands of colors and designs and choose virtually any design/color combination they want.  Pool resurfacing can be done on any concrete surface.

The average pool surface can take up to four days to complete, depending on the weather conditions.

Most reputable contractors will include a limited warranty protecting their work.

To see what the job is going to look like before and after, has a few pictures to look at.

What are the extra costs?

The estimates mentioned above often include the resurfacing process only.  Depending on the contractor, it may or may not include the removal of old paint, coatings, flooring, adhesive or re-pitching an existing slab.

As a pool owner, you need to maintain your pool’s surface annually, especially if you have an outdoor surface that needs to be resealed annually.  Resealing the surface can vary from the weather you experience as this will affect your pool’s surface.  If you want an easier way to clean your pool’s surface, then you need to purchase a high-quality sealer, which can cost $20 to $80 per gallon.  The sealer also prevents stains, protects the color and resists moisture.

If the pool has too many cracks on the surface, vast weight on the surface, sunken concrete or uneven ground, then resurfacing may not the answer to your problem.  In that case, the pool contractor should replace the pool’s surface and the costs can increase significantly.

How can I save money?

Choose your designs wisely.  The more extravagant you want the design to be, the more you are going to have to spend.  Try to find a resurfacing company that will work with your budget.  Many are more than happy to come to your home and show you what they can do to be within your budget.

Always get at least three quotes.  You are going to find that all contractors are going to greatly vary with their pricing.  When receiving a quote, just make sure they are licensed, insured and have reputable references.  Never choose a contractor based on the pricing.

Even if the pool deck needs more than resurfacing, do not resort to replacing it 100 percent; rather, consider patching jobs that make the deck look like new.  This can easily save you thousands of dollars.

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