How Much Does a Pool House Cost?

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A pool house is often considered a luxurious option for those who currently have or are thinking about installing a pool.

A pool house will be able to offer additional features such as a place to lounge, change your clothes and/or even store your items that are needed for the pool.  There are some pool houses that even offer the features of a home such as a small kitchen, bathroom, and living room, making it almost feel as if you’re in another home on the property.

Like a home, the options are truly endless.

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How much does it cost to build a pool house?

The cost of building a pool house is going to greatly vary depending upon the materials being used, the size, features, the contractor you hire and your geographical location.  Depending on the type of finish you want, a pool house will cost $100 per square foot on the lower end and up to $225 per square foot for a luxurious finish.  This range is often for a one-bedroom pool house that has no bedroom, bathroom or kitchen setup.   So to budget properly, a 500 square foot pool house could range anywhere from $50,000 to as much as $100,000.  Before the job even begins, designs and planning can cost $5,000 to $10,000 if you were to want a customized house.

Just like a home, a pool house with cherry-grade cabinets, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances will be much more than a basic pool house with just tile and a simple changing room with no utility hookups.

There are a lot of factors that go into a pool house, and since all jobs will be unique, it’s best to get at least three to five quotes before proceeding.  If you don’t know where to start, we highly recommend, a free tool that allows locally licensed contractors to offer you free estimates based on your job description.

For instance, a user on Yahoo! Answers did a lot of work on their own; however, they still had to outsource some of the work.  In the end, they spent around $90,000 for a 1,100 square foot guest home.

Pool house overview

The basic function of a pool house to provide convenience for those who use the swimming pool.  This house will typically offer a place to store the pool accessories, a place to change clothes and even a bathroom so that the guests do not have to walk through the home.  Most pool houses will have a shower or two so that the swimmers can rinse off when they get out of the water.  A pool house is a great way to keep guests out of your home while wet.  With this house, they will not have to use your bathroom, kitchen or have a reason to track through the home while wet.  In the long run, the pool house is designed to offer a place to sleep, eat, shower and change.

Common features that you may find in a pool house include Murphy beds that fold in the wall, a built-in kitchen, a pool tab, sanctuary for reading or exercise equipment.  But as with a traditional house, the features are endless.

The average pool house is 300 to 1,000 square feet.   Anything over 600 square feet tends to be on the “larger” end.

What are the extra costs?

Difficult sites that need more work to excavate can increase the costs by more than 15 percent.

Like a home, luxury options you may want to add, such as granite countertops, luxurious hardwood floors and/or cherry cabinets, for example, can increase the overall square footage cost.

Pulling permits will be required in your local city, which can be an additional cost.

If you need an architect to develop plans for your pool house, these costs need to be considered.  The cost of the plans will depend on the complexity of the house design, but as mentioned, this can easily be in the thousands if you want a customized layout.

Most pool rooms will not have climate control; however, if you want to add an HVAC system and want full utility hookups, then additional costs can apply.

Tips to know

Need inspiration? offers multiple pool house plans for less than $1,000.

How can I save money?

A pool house can be a very complicated and costly project.  First, before you even consider a house, see if it will meet your needs.  if you’re looking to store equipment, then a house wouldn’t make sense and a simple storage box would suffice; however, if you want a place to lounge and wash off after a swim, then a pool house may make sense.

Building anything from scratch can take a lot of work.  Consider looking into a prefab that’s often a much cheaper option.  A prefab pool house kit is delivered to your home and is constructed by following the simple step-by-step instructions.

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