How Much Does Pool Water Delivery Cost?

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Pool water delivery is a service that can help fill up your pool.

Since filling a pool with a garden hose can take days, some pool owners often turn to the professionals to have their pools filled within the hour.

The cost of a pool water delivery service will depend on the distance the company has to travel, how much water is needed and the complexity of the pool setup.

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How much does it cost for pool water delivery?

On average, a professional water delivery service will charge anywhere from $175 to $380 per truckload., and the average truck will hold 6,000 gallons.  With this formula, you may need three to six truckloads to fill your pool, effectively paying $525 to $2,000 total.  This price, of course, will depend on the size of your pool.   Most pools in the United States hold 15,000 to 30,000 gallons.

Other companies may charge by the gallon, which may range from $0.03 to $0.06 per gallon.  If the water only has to be topped off, it could be as little as $100.  Regardless of how much you are getting, there will always be a minimum travel fee that usually starts around $75.

A forum member on this forum thread claimed that he received a quote for $250 per 6,000-gallon truckload.

Pool water delivery

The average truckload from a local pool company will hold up to 6,000 gallons.

Reputable companies often have a 24-hour turnaround time.  They should also have some sort of guarantee.

According to Blue Water Trucking, located in Romeo, Michigan, “Each load of pool water is clarity checked to give you the sparkling water you want for your pool or spa.”

The water often comes from a local bulk water treatment plant and contains no iron, copper or manganese that could potentially cause damage to your pool and its filtering system.

What are the extra costs?

Same day deliveries may incur additional costs.

Additional charges may be applied for homes that need more hosing than what the average truck allows, but this is often rare since most hoses can stretch close to 500 feet.  For instance, if the pool is in the back of the house and the driveway does not go back far enough, extra hosing will be needed to reach the pool.

Some trucks will set aside an allotted amount of time.  If they go over this time limit, again, additional fees can apply.

Tips to know:

While it may be tempting to fill up your pool with a fire hydrant, it is best to avoid it.  Hydrants can cause the pool water to become rusty, which can lead to days of filtering and vacuuming.

If you do not know where to find a company to fill up your pool, consider asking the dealer from which you purchased the pool in the first place.

Ask your pool delivery company how they are going to deliver the water and how they are going get it.

In most states, 6,000 gallons is the most trucks are legally able to carry.

If you’re going to fill up with a garden hose, plan on waiting up to 37 hours to fill a 20,000-gallon pool.  The average garden hose disperses 540 gallons an hour.

When choosing a company, always make sure they are insured in case of any potential damages.

Experts recommend waiting to drain your pool until the day your truck arrives, especially if you have a vinyl liner.  If you were to leave your pool emptied, it could shrink, only stretching back half the way, causing damage.

How can I save money?

Talk with your local fire department.  Some departments will actually fill up your pool for a small donation.

Most of the time, filling your pool with a hose is the way to go.  If you call up your local water department, some companies may be able to cut you a deal.  Since your sewer and water are going to be billed together, they may be able to waive the sewer usage for that day.  Regardless of your pool size, the cost of filling up your pool will not be more than $10 to $35.  To give you a rough estimate, a 20,000-gallon pool is about $40 to $55 worth of water.  Because water delivery is so much more expensive than filling the pool with a hose, hiring this service is only done for convenience sake.

Some companies may offer discounts when you visit their website.  Keep your eyes peeled for promotions or coupons.

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