How Much Does Popcorn Cost at AMC?

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Last Updated:  August 10, 2018

Popcorn, as you probably know, is the most popular snack food while enjoying the show.

AMC Theaters, just like every other movie chain, offers popcorn for a price at its concession stand.

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How much does popcorn cost at AMC theaters?

Depending on the location, the cost of popcorn at AMC is about $6 for a small popcorn, $7 for a medium popcorn and $8 for the large popcorn.  Adding flavor can be an additional $0.50.

A combination, such as a large popcorn and large drink, can cost $14.50, whereas a large popcorn and two large drinks can cost $21.

A kid’s pack, which includes a drink, fruit snack and small box of popcorn, can cost $$7 to $10 depending on the location and drink size.

According to this forum thread on, the price of a small popcorn in Miami was increased to $6 in 2013.

Popcorn at AMC

Popcorn, when ordered at the concession stand, is traditionally served salted or sweetened.  The popcorn is typically served salted and is often topped with butter or a butter-like topping, with spices or toffee upon request.

Sweetened versions of popcorns, such as kettle corn and caramel corn, are also commonly available for the same prices as mentioned above.

AMC popcorn nutrition (large)

source: FitnessPal

How can I save money?

Consider buying discounted gift cards for AMC Theatres on Here, you can buy discounted gift cards for up to 12% off.

If you watch a lot of movies and normally spend a lot on concessions, the AMC Stubs program may be well worth it. The program offers you a $10 reward credit for every $100 spent on movie tickets and concessions at participating AMC Theatres for $12 per year.  Members can also get a free large upgrade of drinks and popcorn.  Just make sure you’re going to the theater enough to justify the costs.

The theater chain offers coupons via its smartphone apps or by SMS.

Package combo deals are available for those who combine drinks and popcorn.

Promotions are often held throughout the year and can be found either on its official website or via social media.  Be sure to either follow them and/or subscribe to their newsletter.  At the time of this publishing, for example, they are offering an AMC $5 popcorn and drink for teenagers.

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