How Much Does a Porterhouse Steak Cost?

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A porterhouse steak is said to be the king of the steak.

After all, it is one of the more highly valued steaks because of its larger tenderloin.

Cut from the front end of the short loin, the porterhouse steak is best for grilling and broiling due to its lower content of collagen.


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How much does a porterhouse steak cost?

The costs of a porterhouse steak will depend on where it’s purchased, the cut and its quality.  Be prepared to spend anywhere from $10 when on sale to $22 per pound.  The average price, however, will often be between $15 to $22 per pound.

The USDA, according to this Fox News article, says either the T-bone or porterhouse will cost about $10.99 per pound.

Omaha Steaks, for example, offers two 24-ounce steaks for $75, while eight 24-ounce steaks retail for $260.

According to, the cost of porterhouse steak at the supermarket or butcher is usually around $10 per pound, but at fine cut could sell for as much as $25 per pound.

As for a porterhouse steak at a local restaurant, the costs for a full meal could range from as little as $25 at an Outback Steakhouse to as much as $90+ at a higher end franchise chain such as Ruth’s Chris.

Tips to know:

The porterhouse is the short loin cut of beef that includes the top loin and the tenderloin.  These cuts, when purchased locally, will often be a product of the United States, fresh and 100 percent Angus beef, graded by the USDA, either as choice or prime.

When picking out a steak at the local store, be sure to look for a bright red color and thicker cut with a nice perimeter of fat.

The bone of a porterhouse steak discharges heat within the meat.  This is the reason that it cooks evenly and the meat is kept from drying and deflating during the cooking process.

Compared to most meats, longer cook times are not required.  The bone of the meat will conduct heat that will prevent the meat from drying out or shrinking.

To cook, recommends applying a dry rub, followed by fire grilling until an appropriate internal temperature is met.  As for sauce pairing, almost anything works, from a balsamic to a whiskey/mushroom.

T-bone vs porterhouse

Sometimes, a porterhouse steak is interchangeably called a T-bone since both steaks are characterized by a “T-shaped” bone with meat on both sides.

The T-bone and porterhouse steaks are the same; it’s just that a porterhouse is a larger version of the T-bone because it’s carved from the larger portion of the tenderloin, making it the “king of the T-bone.”

The major difference between the two is the thickness as per USDA guidelines.  In order to qualify as a porterhouse, the USDA specifies it must be at least 1.25 inches thick at its widest point. This isn’t true with a T-bone since it only needs to be 0.25 inches at its widest point.  If it were any smaller, then it would be referred to as a club steak.

How can I save money?

Many grocery stores will often have sales throughout the week in its meat department.

With any meat, the more you purchase, the more you are going to be able to save.  Large warehouse clubs such as Sam’s Club and Costco offer bulk deals.  The same can be said about meat packs often found at local butchers or reputable meat markets online.

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