How Much Does a Power Steering Belt Cost?

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The power steering belt assists more than just the power steering.

The belts in your car’s engine are, often times, connected to more than one system, but today, with most modern vehicles, the serpentine belt will control the entire system, but with an older vehicle, commonly those built prior to the late 1990s will use more than one belt.

Depending on the model of your car, the power steering belt may also control the air condition system, water pump, alternator, or compressor.  This makes the belt even more important and is necessary to replace it immediately if it were to break or come out of place.

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How much does it cost to replace a power steering belt?

On average, a power steering belt is going to cost anywhere from $11 to as much as $48 without any sort of professional installation.

For instance, this Hyundai and KIA belt retails for a pinch more than $10.

At AutoZone, most of the power steering belts in stock retailed for $10 to $50.

Now, to get a power steering belt installed, the costs can be around $85 to $180.  This will depend on the car you drive, where you live and where you take your car in for a repair.

A Nissan technician on stated that it should cost no more than $25 for the part and around $150 for the installation.

Your Mechanic, for instance, broke down the costs its users received.  The estimates, according to the chart, were anywhere from $120 to more than $247, depending on the car.

Power steering belt overview

A power steering belt comes with the simple stretch of rubber that will push the power of the engine to the pump by the use of the belt.  This means that it is often attached to a pulley that operates the movement of the belt.  The belt will help power various components such as the power steering, water pump, A/C, alternator and compressor.

The power steering belt itself is smooth on the outside and ribbed on the inside.  This provides extra traction to ensure that the belt does not slip off.  There is also a part known as the tensioner — a part that regulates the amount of stress the belt has on it since this can affect the efficiency of all the systems involved.  This belt, in turn, will be wrapped around several pulleys while maintaining a certain amount of tension.

During the repair, the mechanic will first remove the power steering belt by loosening the power steering pivot and adjuster bolts.  Once removed, the new belt will be installed onto the pump, and the pump and bolts will be tightened.  Once the alignment is confirmed and the belt is in place, the mechanic will turn on the engine to make sure the entire system is running according to plan.

What are the extra costs?

Some mechanics recommend that you replace the alternator and A/C belts while the job is being done, and this is because the steering belt is located behind these parts.  If the steering belt is worn out, there’s a good chance the other belts are worn as well.

Tips to know:

When the power steering belt stops working, your power steering will fail, making it extremely hard to turn.  Even if you can still steer, as usual, the belt can create a “jerky or heavy” feel if the belt were to slip out of place.  Other signs of a poor steering belt can include a screeching noise coming from the engine, a worn out belt or the steering, in general, becomes difficult.

Your power steering system should be checked at least every 6,000 miles, according to mechanics.  During this inspection, the tension of the belt can be adjusted, preventing the belt from breaking in the future.

How can I save money?

As with any car repair, be sure to get at least three quotes from a local mechanic.  As long as you know the power steering belt is bad, most mechanics should be able to offer a ballpark over the phone.

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