How Much Does a Prairie Dunes Membership Cost?

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The Prairie Dunes Country Club, a golf course located outside of Hutchinson, Kansas, is a member-owned and is often ranked among America’s best golf courses.

The club was established in the mid-1930s by Emerson Carey and his four sons, and the club can be described as an inland links jewel, set in the heart of the United States. The inland Kansas setting is about as far away from the ocean as one could possibly be, but the golf course has multiple characteristics of classic seaside links.

How much does a Prairie Dunes Country Club membership cost?

From our research via third-party sources, the initiation fee at the club is $17,500 for individuals and $20,000 for families.  For a junior membership, the dues are as little as $5,000.  As for annual dues, a regular membership will be close to $500 a month, whereas a junior member pays closer to $200 a month.  These costs did come from a third-party source and cannot be deemed 100 percent accurate.  With that being said, do use it as an estimate, and if you are interested in joining the club, then we do highly recommend you contact the club for official pricing.

Prairie Dunes Country Club overview

The golf course was initially designed by Perry Maxwell, and the first nine holes opened in 1937. In 1957, 20 years later, a second nine-hole course was opened, designed by Perry’s son, Press Maxwell.  From the longest tees, the course stretches 6,598 yards on close to 480 acres.  The golf course, and according to the club’s history, was solely shaped by man, horse, and mule power.  To view the golf course hole by hole in a video, you can so by watching a narrated video on the club’s website.  You can also see the course in pictures from a personal view at

Aside from the golf amenities, the club includes a professionally staffed tennis program, along with indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a pool area complex with a zero-depth pool and a poolside beverage and food service.  A fitness area will a selection of cardio and strength training equipment is available for its members as well.

What are the extra costs?

Lessons, clinics, tournaments and leagues, all offered by the club, are all additional fees to consider.

Social events, commonly held multiple times throughout the year, can often have a fee to participate.

Tips to know

As of late, the club hosted the 2014 NCAA Men’s Golf Championship, 2006 U.S. Senior Open and the 2002 U.S Women’s Open to name a few.

Honors, as per the club, includes the #25 Greatest Golf Course in America by Golf Digest in 2014 and the #13 Best Classic Course by  Golf Week in 2014.

If you want to take advantage of the course but do not know of a current member, a letter of introduction written by your home club may increase your odds.

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