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Praluent, known as a  PCSK9 inhibitor, is an injectable prescription medicine used to help lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and is commonly prescribed to those whose cholesterol is not controlled by diet and statin therapy.

Used alongside tolerated statin therapy and a special diet, it helps with the additional lowering of LDL cholesterol.

How much does Praluent cost?

The costs of Praluent will often depend on the pharmacy you use.  From our research, it appears Medicare, as well as many private insurance companies, will not cover this drug, meaning you should be prepared to pay full price for the syringe.  According to multiple pharmacies we called, including Costco, Walmart, Kroger, CVS, and Sam’s Club, the average price for two 75 mg/ml pens/syringes averaged about $1,120.  Again, plan on paying full price as very few insurance companies, from what we noticed, will help cover the drug.

According to this article, higher risk patients should expect to pay $4,500 to $8,000 a year, while all other patients can be expected to pay around $2,000 to $3,000.

How to save on Praluent

Co-pay card:  The official provider of Praluent, Sanofi, does offer a co-pay card that allows you to pay as little as $0 if you qualify for the program, with a maximum savings of $5,500.  According to the fine print, your commercial insurance must cover the drug and is not valid for those who pay cash.  If your insurance is active and does cover it, as long as you meet the guidelines, you can pay as little as $0 for the co-pay.  Visit the official website for more information on how to save on your next Praluent prescription.

Assistance:  Aside from the official co-pay card, the manufacturer also offers a Patient Assitance Program, a program which enables you to receive the drug at no cost if you meet certain income restrictions.  If eligible, you can get Praluent free of charge for up to 12 months, with some qualified customers being able to renew this deal.  Also, according to the company’s fine print, if you have Medicare Part D insurance that covers it and you meet income restrictions, then you may also qualify for the no-cost program.  For more information, you can visit the official website.

Agencies:  The official company does offer assistance for its drug as long as you meet requirements, but for those who need more help and/or do not qualify, you can check with state, federal or even non-profit organizations that are able to help you save on costs.  The PAN Foundation, for example, can offer co-payment assistance for those who qualify as well as the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, to name a few.  Check with these organizations or even talk with your local health department for more information as to how you can receive help.

Online coupons:  At the time of this publishing, we didn’t find any coupons, but it doesn’t mean they will not arise in the future.  Popular discounted prescription card companies, such as GoodRX and, can help you save hundreds of dollars by simply printing a coupon from their website.  It’s free, and in some cases, it can be cheaper than using your actual insurance.

Canada:  In Canada, some pharmacies do sell it, and from what we saw, it could cost about $859 or about $300 less than the United States.

Tips to know

Do not use this medication if you’re allergic to alirocumab, food, dyes, preservatives, and/or any of the ingredients listed in Praluent.

Praluent can cause side effects, with the most common include itching, swelling, pain and/or tenderness at the injection site as well as cold or flu-like symptoms.  More severe side effects, according to the company, may include a severe rash, itching, swollen face and/or trouble breathing.  If any of these side effects do occur, seek medical attention immediately.

Being an injection-based medication, you will administer the injection beneath the skin, and your doctor, before prescribing, will teach you how to administer the medicine properly.  Use exactly as prescribed at regular intervals, and unless otherwise noted, never take more, less or off schedule.  Injections are needed every two weeks to see results.

As with any syringes, it’s so important you always put your used needles in a special sharps container and never place them in a trash can.

Praluent was the first PCSK9 inhibitor approved in the United States.

Praluent is known to reduce the LDL cholesterol in patients who are already on maximum strength statin therapy.

Praluent reviews

On, 35 visitors gave the drug an average of 6.3 out of 10, with the positive reviewers saying their cholesterol did drop after a few months with no noticeable side effects, whereas the negative reviewers complained about multiple side effects and minimal results.

The People’s Pharmacy had 55+ ratings, with an average of “4.29 out of five stars,” while on Everyday Health, only a few visitors gave it an average of 0.5 stars out of 5.

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