How Much Does Precast Concrete Cost?

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Precast concrete is a necessity if you are planning to have your home or office constructed or renovated.  What exactly can precast concrete do for you?  It will basically provide solid construction that can withstand damage and other effects of both natural and man-made elements such as storms, tornadoes, heavy rains and heat.  Similar to concrete, precast concrete can help prevent fire, termites, mold and rot.

The main difference between precast concrete and standard concrete is that precast concrete is formed in an offsite location from a mold, but standard concrete is poured and formed on site.  There are many advantages of precast concrete that can actually make it cheaper.  First, the fact that precast concrete is made in a factory means that it is of high quality since that is all the factory does.  Second, the molds that are used to form the precast concrete can be reused for years, meaning that these concrete pieces can be created over and over.

The ability to quickly erect panels at the site is another advantage of precast concrete.  Once footings are prepared, panels can be placed quickly to form the enclosure.  This requires some lead time to order the panels but is an advantage at the site.  Rather than having to build a mold, pour the concrete, and wait for it to dry, the construction can continue immediately after placing the wall.  It also means that construction can be completed within a relatively small footprint and may allow building in weather that would negatively affect other types of construction.  Solid, high-quality concrete construction built with an efficient use of labor makes for cost effective structures.

Precast Concrete Stacked Wetcast Panels by Armcon Precast, on Flickr
Precast Concrete Stacked Wetcast Panels” (CC BY 2.0) by  Armcon Precast

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