How Much Does a Pressure Washer Rental Cost?

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A good pressure washer can cost more than a few hundred dollars, and if you need it for a home project, it may make sense to simply rent one instead of outright buying it.

The cost of renting a pressure washer will depend on the type of pressure washer, the company you rent from and how long you need to rent it for.

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How much does a pressure washer rental cost?

Depending on the factors mentioned, the costs to rent a pressure washer can range from as little as $35 to more than $100 per day.  Refer to our table below to see what the average pressure washer could cost to rent in your area.

Type of Pressure WasherAverage Daily Rate Estimate
2000 PSI- Daily: $75
- Weekly: $200
- Monthly: $500
2700 PSI- Daily: $75
- Weekly: $250
- Monthly: $750
3000- 4000 PSI Hot Pressure Washer on a Trailer- Daily: $300
- Weekly: $800
- Monthly: $1,900
3500 PSI- Daily: $100
- Weekly: $375
- Monthly: $1,100
4000 PSI- Daily: $115
- Weekly: $400
- Monthly: $875
5000 PSI- Daily: $150
- Weekly: $450
- Monthly: $1,100
Electric- Daily: $40
- Weekly: $150
- Monthly: $450
Hot Pressure Washer- Daily: $185
- Weekly: $600
- Monthly: $1,300

At Home Depot, for example, they publicly list the prices for their pressure washers on their official website.  A gas-powered 2000 to 27000 PSI pressure washer costs $79 per day, while an electric washer can cost $40 per day.  These costs can vary depending upon your local Home Depot rental center, however, and can be much less per day if you rent for more than seven days.

The types of pressure washers you can rent

Medium DutyMedium duty pressure washers, commonly those 2,800 PSI or lower, are ideal for washing a driveway, siding on the house or fencing.
Heavy DutyCommonly 3,000 PSI or higher, a heavy duty pressure washer is designed for larger jobs such as a parking lot or garage.

In the heavy duty category, there are two common types: the direct drive and belt drive. A belt drive will be more expensive to rent as the belt connects the engine to the pump, effective lowering the operating temperature, essentially prolonging the life.
Hot Water Pressure WasherCombining hot water and high pressure, these machines are often between 2,500 to 3,500 PSI and are considered to be the ultimate cleaning tool due to the mixture of soap and hot water when applied to a surface. The water inside the reservoir is heated up via a kerosene or diesel burner.

What are the extra costs?

An extension wand, which is designed to extend as far as 50 feet, can often be added onto the rental for an additional fee.  This fee often adds $10 to the daily total.

A surface cleaner or hydro scrubber, which is attached to a high-pressure washer, is designed for cleaning larger surfaces such as a driveway, deck or patio.  This cleaner, yet another optional add-on, can cost an additional $30 per day.

A chemical injector can cost an additional $10 per day.

Unless you’re renting an electric power washer that doesn’t use gas, you will more than likely have to bring the power washer back with a full tank of gas or as it was when you rented it initially.

While it’s not really an extra cost, per se, all rental companies will ask for a deposit in case of damage.  This deposit often ranges from $50 to $150, depending on the company policy and value of the pressure washer.  Of course, if you return the washer in good condition, then they will refund your deposit.

How can I save money?

Those who know they are going to use it more than once should highly consider purchasing one.

If you only need a pressure washer for a few hours, consider borrowing one from a neighbor or even paying a small fee to use it.

With any rental, the longer you plan on renting, the more you are going to save on the daily rate.

Make sure that you do all necessary prep work before you rent the machine so that you can keep it for as little time as possible.  For example, if you are pressure washing your deck, move all the furniture and other items before you rent the unit.

Renting, depending on the circumstances, won’t always make sense as some professionals can be a lot cheaper than you think.  On average, a professional can charge $0.10 to $0.60 per square foot, depending on the complexity of the job.  Even if it costs a few extra dollars, you won’t have to worry about picking up the pressure washer and doing the work on your own.  Before renting, consider getting free quotes from multiple licensed contractors online at

For simple jobs, a pressure washer isn’t as much as you may think.  For example, the highest rated pressure washers on cost less than $175.  Granted, these machines won’t compare to the industrial models you can rent, but it can still get small jobs done effectively.

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