How Much Does a Progenity Test Cost?

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Progenity provides a variety of specialized testing services for both women and children.

Partnering with healthcare providers, its advanced genetic testing can help families prepare for life.

Progenity Test Cost
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Progenity test costs

The costs of a Progenity test will greatly depend on your insurance company, and according to the company’s official FAQ in regards to costs, they offer a Peace of Mind program that is designed to help you learn about the costs you may be responsible for.  While the company doesn’t specifically state how much you will be responsible for, they encourage you to call their Financial Services team at 855-293-2639, option 4.

From our research online, however, the initial billing to the insurance company, if insured, is often high, about $10,000+, but do not let this scare you as many people stated they only had to pay $25 to $200 per test out of pocket, regardless of insurance once the insurance denied the claim.  This final price would greatly depend on your household income and we found hundreds of people who had the tests done online confirming this fact.

For instance, on this five-page forum thread, multiple members discussed the costs they paid for a Progenity test.  According to most, it appeared to be the same story, with the EOB from the insurance company being charged about $10,000, but in the end, many said they paid anywhere from $25 to $200 depending on your income.  If your responsibility is greater than the range mentioned prior, many members stated that it is best to call the company directly to discuss your costs.

On this forum thread, a member said Progenity charged her insurance $10,000, even though her doctor said they wouldn’t pay more than $99.  According to the responses, multiple members shared the same experience and noted it was best to call the company after the insurance company denies your claim to have your bill lowered.  Another said she was quoted $650 out of pocket, but the prices could be $200 or less based on her income.

A member on this Reddit thread posted a screenshot of her insurance bill, which claimed she was responsible for $11,097.  A member, who had a Progenity test, said her doctor warned her the initial bill would be quite high, but in the end, most people would pay between $20 to $200 since the company adjusts the pay based on your income when you call.

The testing options

Preparent carrier screen

This genetic carrier test, either performed before conception or during pregnancy, will check for any serious disorders that a parent can pass onto their children.  The test family, as per the company, includes the following:

Innatal™ Prenatal Screen

This screening test checks for some of the most common chromosomal disorders, such as Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome and Turner syndrome, to name a few, only requiring only a simple blood draw.

Riscover™ Hereditary Cancer Test

This test helps you understand the risks for certain types of cancers and ensuring you’re taking the right steps to a healthy lifestyle.  Since cancer runs in a family and 10% of it is hereditary, this means the genes you inherit could make you more likely to get certain types of cancers.  Knowing your risk from the test results can help change your future with preventative medication or risk-reducing surgery depending on your results.


This pre-implantation test benefits parents who may be at risk of conceiving a child with a single-gene disorder.  Created by the Foundation for Embryonic Competence, this screening test will consist of two phases:  the Validation Phase, which is a prep process used to create a custom test for your family, and the Biopsy Phase, a process where the embryos are testing before implantation.

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