How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

Permanent teeth may be meant to last a lifetime, but there are inevitable circumstances when you may need to have a tooth extracted.  This could include severe pain, a non-repairable situation, rotten teeth, an impacted tooth or overcrowded teeth.

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How much does a tooth extraction cost?

Type of Tooth ExtractionDescription of ProcedureAverage Cost (per tooth)
Baby Tooth ExtractionIn some rare cases, baby teeth may put up a fight when naturally ready to fall out. $50 to $125
Simple Tooth ExtractionPermanent teeth are often removed, but it can be hard to offer an estimate. If the tooth is in a normal position along the jaw and gum line, then your dentist should be able to remove it; however, it has emerged through the gums, the costs could increase due to the x-rays needed to check on its progress.$100 to $500
Surgical Tooth ExtractionSurgery will be required for complex situations such as removing additional bone and/or parts of the gum in order to remove the tooth or cut it into pieces. These situations can include extreme damage to the tooth, an impacted tooth, irregular root formation, cracks or an extremely dense jaw bone.$200 to $1,000
Emergency Tooth ExtractionIn some cases, a tooth may need to be removed... now. The total costs will depend on the factors such as when it's done and how it's removed.$350 to $800 for a simple procedure to as much as $1,000 to $1,500 for an emergency surgical procedure.
Wisdom Tooth ExtractionAs a standard practice in the United States, your wisdom teeth are referred to as your third set of molars. While not everyone needs them remove, the difficulty of extraction will affected the costs.$100 for a simple wisdom tooth extraction to $800+ for a complex situation.

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