How Much Does a Radiator Flush Cost?

Over time, a car’s radiator can develop blockages that make the coolant in the car’s engine less efficient.  Because of this, the car’s radiator will run hotter, causing other parts of the car to overheat and potentially damage it, resulting in even more of a problem.  Oftentimes, an overheated engine could be the cause of your car’s coolant, and a mechanic may recommend this service to help prolong the life of the cooling system and the components.

The price of a radiator flush, often referred to as a coolant flush, is going to depend on the mechanic performing the job, the complexity of the job, the amount of coolant needed and the vehicle’s make and model.

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How much does a radiator flush cost?

CompanyPrice Range
Amazon$15 to $35 for a kit/parts only
Jiffy Lube$75 to $150
Midas$70 to $120
Mr. Tire$70 to $115
Pep Boys$15 to $35 for a kit
Valvoline$85 to $125
Walmart$10 to $50 for kit/parts only
Make and ModelPrice Average (labor total)
Buick Century$85 to $125
Chevy Impala$85 to $115
Ford F150$80 to $115
Ford Focus$80 to $115
Toyota Corolla$90 to $125
Toyota Prius$90 to $125

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How to flush a radiator

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