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The Results Transformation Center, according to its FAQ, is much different than other gyms due to the fact that they will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, and because of this, they are going to transform your life.

At their gyms, you will not come here to wander around like the traditional gym; instead, you’re prescribed a specific program that is designed for your goals while being held accountable by their staff.

As of this publishing, they have locations in the Sacramento area, Elk Grove,  Natomas, Rancho Cordova, Reno, Rocklin and Roseville.

Results Transformation Center Cost
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How much does the Results Transformation Center cost?

According to the official website, the club offers a short-term month-to-month plan and annual options, all depending on your goals and what you’re focused on getting out of the membership.  Like most gyms, the longer you commit to the gym, the more you’re going to save in the long term.

The official Results Transformation Center does not publish its rates, but from what we saw on this Yelp page, one member said she had to pay $500 to lose 20 pounds, but the kicker here was that if you lost 20 pounds during the six-week challenge, then they would give you the $500 back.  Even if you lost 20 pounds, however, there were other stipulations such as having a healthy BMI and a certain fat percentage.  Be sure to ask about the fine print about knowing the specifics to get your money back.

To budget, the gym membership fees will cost $500 for the six-week challenge; however, as the contract you sign states, you may be entitled to a refund if you lose the determined weight at the time of signing.  One reviewer we found on Yelp said you are able to roll over into another six-week challenge and basically pay for the food and supplements.

After the six-week challenge or for those who didn’t want to partake in this challenge, we did read the monthly fees were around $130 to $160~, but this could not be confirmed as it was only found via the Yelp reviews linked earlier.  Aside from the personal challenge, you could simply pay the monthly fee and not take part in the six-week challenge.

In some cases, you may be able to save money depending on the current promotion and the location.  For instance, during Black Friday, the Reno, Nevada location offered a $49 a month deal and $399 challenge offer.  Be sure to check out Groupon to see if any deals are available at the time of signing up.

How does the gym work?

According to the FAQ, the gym offers a designated program, giving you everything you need to succeed, all based on your goals.  This program will include your training schedule, specific meal planning and all of the gym’s coaching in its all-inclusive program.  The gym offers both lose fat/lose weight programs and muscle/strength programs as well, all of which are specific to your needs and are not all designed in the same way.  What sets this gym apart from any other gym is its unique workout experience, designed for everyone, ranging from a beginner to the expert weightlifter.  All sessions, from start to finish, last 60 minutes.

As long as you follow your training schedule and the nutritional guidelines, the Results Transformation Center states you can see results in as little as one week, with visual changes appearing in as little as a few weeks.  In order to achieve maximum results, however, with as little as time possible, then you will need to make sure you follow all training schedules and nutritional meal planning — no exceptions.

What people liked

Members loved the fantastic and knowledgeable coaches who seemed to have “bottomless” reserves of energy, knowing when to push you to limit, all while working out safely.

The classes, no matter which level you were on, always kept it interesting week after week by switching things up, making each class seem unique.  Aside from the unique classes, there were convenient class times, making it easy for everyone to attend, even if you had the busiest schedule on the block.

A lot of people loved the accountability, especially putting money on the line to get it all back at the end of the challenge if you did succeed.  Being a smaller than average, gym, the coaches will get to know you personally and will even notice if you start to fail to show up.

There seemed to be a ton of resources, ranging from nutritional diet plans to fitness guidance.  Any question you had always seemed to have an answer.

Overall, with multiple locations, almost all of their online Yelp reviews had a 4+ star average, with some locations having more than 70 reviews.

What people disliked

Some people were intimidated by the orientation, stating it was a little too energetic, making it “cheesy” and gimmicky.”  Some said it felt like an MLM orientation where everyone was pumped up, high fiving each other.

The supplements, as part of the nutritional program, were too much in terms of cost for some.  While these supplements are highly recommended, you are not forced to purchase them.

The monthly price seemed to be a mixed bag for some, but those who did like the gym mentioned the lack of the gym amenities such as showers, weight machines and pool.  However, if you did show up at least five times per week, the price was worth it.  The gym seemed to be a great option for those who needed some guidance with resources and liked the circuit training setup.

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