How Much Do Resume Writing Services Cost?

In today’s economy and job market, one of the most important tools a person can have is a well-written resume.  Hiring a professional resume writer can give you the advantage you need when applying and interviewing for a new position.

Working with a professional resume service will get you the writing skills and objectivity to determine the right focus of your situation.  This is a skill that is critical to landing a job in any field.

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How much do resume writing services cost?

Type of JobPrice Range
Newly graduated student with no experience$125 to $440
Entry level professional with up to three years experience$325 to $575
Professional with up to 10 years of experience$325 to $650
Professional with more than 10 years of experience$450 to $700
Management with more than 5+ years of experience$550 to $800
Executive resumes for senior management$770 to $1,300

Noted below are price ranges for some of the most popular resume services, according to Google searches:

Martin Yate$379 (entry-level) to $989 (executive)
Monster Resume Writing Service$129 (professional) to $349 (executive)$119 (entry) to $399 (executive)$169 (student) to $389 (executive)

What is going to be included?

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How to compare prices:

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