How Much Does a Ridgewood Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Ridgewood Country Club, originally established in 1890, was listed by the USGA as one of the first 100 clubs established in America.

The club had a 27-hole golf course and was built in 1929 in Paramus, New Jersey. The golf course opened for play on May 30, 1929.

How much does a Ridgewood Country Club membership cost?

On average, the costs are going to depend on the type of membership you sign up for and the age.   According to some golfers online, the initiation fees could range anywhere from $5,000 to more than $40,000.  The monthly fees are said to cost close to $400 to $900.

According to one member on this forum thread, he said he was quoted $5,000 in initiation fees for a junior membership.

Ridgewood Country Club overview

The golf course was designed by A.W. Tillinghast, a famous golf designer during those times, and the club offers three separate 9-hole courses: East, Center and West, which are played in three 18 hole combinations. The club’s golf course has been rated as one of the top courses in the United States by Golf Magazine.

The club offers four clay tennis courts, changing rooms and a tennis pro shop.  There is also a paddle tennis facility members can enjoy, and the club holds friendly tournaments throughout the year.

The club’s swimming pool is a place for fun and relaxation, with member and families hosting swim nights and buffets. The pool amenities contain a full-service bar and services for lunch and dinner. Also, there are locker rooms and shower facilities available. The club has its swim teams for young members, from 5 to 18 years old, competing in friendly events with other swim clubs in the area.

What are the extra costs?

Private lessons, clinics, tournaments and leagues can all incur additional costs.

Green fees will apply to guests and members who don’t have golf privileges.  Members and guests may also have to pay for extra costs when using other facilities like the pool, tennis courts, practice range, private lessons and dining, for example.

Social events, often held throughout the year, can have additional fees to join.

Tips to know:

Corporate fees are often higher than individual fees.

The Ridgewood Country Club is a private club and guests are allowed by invitation from club members.

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