Right Hand Drive Conversion Cost

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Whether you’re a postal worker looking to convert your steering wheel to the right side to the make the job easier or maybe you’re the rare car enthusiast who wants to convert it in order to drive in a foreign country, the conversions are possible, either via a simple conversion kit if your car allows it, or in the case of a specific make and model, it can be done with various modifications.

Right Hand Drive Conversion Cost
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Right-hand drive to left-hand drive conversion cost

The cost of a right-hand drive conversion kit will depend on a few factors, including the kit you purchase, the professional you hire if you do decide to hire one and the vehicle you drive.  For some vehicles, it is just not possible to convert, and even if you were to consider the conversion, it could reach well into the thousands due to the time it would take to do so; however, if you were to hire a professional to complete the job for you and the car was designed to swap the sides easily, then the average labor, plus parts, could be in the $2,000 to $3,000 range from what we researched since they could simply use a conversion kit.

At Postal Things, Inc., for example, they offer a right-hand drive DIY kit for specific vehicles on this page for $1,950, including shipping, while the in-house conversions, performed by their company, would cost $2,325 for specific vehicles if you lived in the Cleveland, Tennesee, area.

As for cars that do not have an easy conversion kit, it can still be done, as with anything, but the costs could reach well into the five figures.  According to multiple responses on this Quora thread, one member, in particular, noted that he already invested $15,000 into his car and wasn’t done yet, but as we said, the costs, in the end, will depend on the type of car you drive.  If you the conversion has already been made, then most of the time, it will cost about $2,000~, but again, if your car doesn’t have a kit, usually the higher-end makes and models, you should be prepared to spend $10,000+

What is in a DIY conversion kit?

The kit, designed specifically for your year, make and model will include everything you need to convert your vehicle as well as detailed instructions and considered to be the simplest and the most affordable option.  Aside from the DIY kit, the only thing you will need, most of the time, will be the necessary tools such as a ratchet set, socket set, body filler, drill, angle grinder and/or metal-cutting wheel, according to eBay.

Tips to know

As long as you follow the NHTSA guidelines and meet the strict standards, converting a vehicle to a right-hand drive is legal in the United States.  To play it safe, however, check your local laws and even with your insurance companies to see if you are able to complete a conversion without any repercussions.

If the goal is to save money, consider purchasing a vehicle that can easily be swapped with a conversion kit.  Even when a professional is hired, you can have the entire conversion done for less than $2,500 from the quotes we saw online.

If you needed a car for postal work, for example, you may be better off exploring the local classifieds, such as Craigslist or PostalClassified.com, to see if any cars, which were already converted, are up for sale.  Almost all of them are Jeep Wranglers, designed for rural postal workers.  According to automoblog.net, you may be able to buy a car overseas and have it shipped to the United States for less than $1,500, but in doing so, you need to make sure it meets the NHTSA guidelines since many cars overseas do not.

The process of converting

In any right-hand drive to left-hand drive conversion, the steering wheel, the main component, of course, must move, and in order to do so, there must be cutouts in the dashboard, along with instruments and some vents, for the conversion to happen with ease.  The frame supporting the entire dashboard must be modified as well as doing it wrong could cause the car to shake excessively with every bump in the road.

Like the steering wheel, the gas pedal, brake, and clutch, if you have a manual, will need to be moved as well.  Seeing the brake and clutch are fixed objects located beneath the hood, you will either need to move these or adapters will be required to pass the pedal movement across the car without affecting anything else in its path.  Aside from the steering wheel and pedals, the additional fixtures and fittings, such as the driver’s dash, the center console, mirrors, controls, seats, pedal surrounds and even the carpet will all have to be modified depending on the entire car’s setup.

In the end, all of the interior components, from the front of the vehicle will need to be removed, including the windshield and the motor.  Outside of a kit, additional parts will be required to complete the conversion, including the steering box or rack, the steering column, the dashboard, pedal assembly and/or transmission bracket.

Refer to the video below to get a sense as to how the process would work:

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