How Much Does a Rockleigh Country Club Wedding Cost?

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The Rockleigh Country Club, conveniently located in the center of Rockleigh, New Jersey, was a long time Bergen County catering facility and was later renovated to complement its historic environment.

Situated amidst historical homes dating as far back as the 1700s, the estate, which spreads more than 12 acres, offers beautifully manicured gardens, gazebos and Tuscany gardens.

How much does a Rockleigh Country Club wedding cost per person?

On average, the costs of a wedding will greatly depend on the menu, the number of guests attending, the date and the time of the wedding.  According to some reports online, the average cost per head is around $170 to $300+ per person when all extras, taxes, and gratiuty is factored in.

According to one member on a forum thread, she was recently quoted $210 a person, not including tax or gratuity on a Saturday night for any months from May to October.  When everything was said and done, she was close to $300 a person when the extras, such as a Viennese hour was added. claims the average wedding package ranges from $145 to $195 a person, with a $3,000 deposit required to reserve the date.

The venue options

For ceremony options, the Georgian Chapel can accommodate guests from either the Bristol Room or the Grand Pavilion.  The Pavilion Chapel, which is located upstairs, can accommodate 250+, and the Bristol Room can also be transformed into a chapel for a larger party taking place within the Grand Pavilion, according to the club.  The Rockleigh Gardens, a 12-acre flowering estate, is available for any outdoor cocktail party and/or a backdrop for a smaller outdoor ceremony.

The Grand Pavilion can accommodate up to 850 guests and is considered to offer a tremendous dance floor and larger-than-average cocktail space.

The Bristol Ballroom can accommodate up to 275 guests or a sit-down wedding of 200 guests.

Rockleigh Country Club wedding overview

Wedding package options include valet parking, coat check options, floral centerpieces, place cards, bridal suites, a bridal attendant, restroom attendant, event manager, premium open bar, silk damask table linen, outdoor options and/or LED lighting.  All of these options can be included in any wedding package offered via the country club.

Menus, which can consist of a cocktail hour and a gourmet dinner, can all be customized to specifications.  As per the club, “anything is possible” and their culinary team will work closely with you to meet your expectations.

What are the extra costs?

Aside from the quote offered by the country club, be prepared to spend an additional 20 to 30 percent in tax and gratuity, according to brides who did receive a quote.

With so many menu customization options, adding additional food to the cocktail hour or even reception can greatly increase the costs depending on the add-on.  Popular accompaniments include a Viennese table, a candy station or comfort snack foods late into the evening at the Jazz and Blues club.

How can I save money?

The time of year and day of the week, as with any venue will greatly affect the price.  A Thursday wedding will be much cheaper than a Saturday wedding, for instance.  This article, for instance, interviewed a couple who were married here on a Thursday evening.  The payoff was $156 a person, including tax and the gratuity, down from the $216 a person they would have paid on a traditional wedding day.

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