How Much Does a Roloff Farm Wedding Cost?

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The Roloff Farm pumpkin patch is one of the famous wedding settings in Helvetia, Oregon.  It tends to get packed with fans of the TV show “Little People, Big World” that airs on the TLC cable network.  Each area of this property creates a unique event backdrop, from a beautiful homey backyard setting to a fairytale wonderland, or even the classic outdoor area that is complete with a crystal chandelier and a gazebo.

Roloff Farm, 10/13/2007 by C Jill Reed, on Flickr
Roloff Farm, 10/13/2007” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by C Jill Reed

How much does a Roloff farm wedding cost

According to some reports online, even though not confirmed, the rental fee for a wedding ceremony at the Roloff Farm will cost about $2,500~, plus tax for the wedding ceremony and reception.  The farm is limited with reservations and is not open about pricing.  This won’t include the catering and additional extras such as the food and beverage fees.  The cost of catering and beverage, as the farm doesn’t offer this option, will greatly depend on the professional you hire for the event.

On, someone did get married at Roloff Farms, noting she only paid $500 for the venue because it was filmed on TV.  However, this fee would be $2,500 if you didn’t have it broadcasted.  When everything was factored in, such as the catering, rentals, alcohol and DIY designs, she had paid close to $20,000.

Roloff farm wedding overview

In addition to the land, there are outbuildings and restored barns, all of which may be offered as a ceremony site or venue option.  The Roloff Farm was expanded with the purchase of an 80-acre property just next to the farm in 2010.  Whether you want a simple or lavish, formal, or fun wedding ceremony, this establishment in Oregon offers versatile indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding celebrations.  Erica, the bride mentioned on the post mentioned earlier, chose the barn.

What are the extra costs?

The cake, photography, alcohol, and decorations all need to be budgeted for, aside from the venue rental fee and food and beverage fee.

Tips to know:

The Roloff Farm is a relatively famous pumpkin farm.  It is located in Helvetia, Oregon, just three miles from the Helvetia Road exit and Highway 26.  It is owned by Matt and Amy Roloff, who in 1990 bought a fixer-upper farmhouse on 34 acres in Helvetia.  Roloff worked to develop Roloff Farm, which currently features pumpkins, a three-story treehouse, a pirate ship on a lake, a regulation soccer field, a volleyball court, a full-size Medieval castle, underground tunnels, and a mine shaft.

While the post is no longer active, has a copy of someone who did experience a wedding here first hand.  Inside her blog post, she posted pictures and talked about her positive experience.

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