How Much Does the Roomba Vacuum Cost?

Roomba is a brand of robotic vacuum cleaners that have grown in popularity ever since their introduction in 2002.

Sold by iRobot, this series of autonomous robotic cleaning devices feature a full suite of sensors that enable seamless cleaning of clutter in any room, including spaces under the furniture.

The cost of a Roomba vacuum depends on the model, features and capabilities.

Roomba by pboyd04, on Flickr
Roomba” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by pboyd04

How much does a Roomba cost?

ModelPrice Average
Roomba 530$100
Roomba 620$300
Roomba 650$350
Roomba 680$375
Roomba 761$400
Roomba 770$550
Roomba 780$600
Roomba 805$330
Roomba 860$500
Roomba 880$600
Roomba 960$700
Roomba 980$900

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