How Much Does a Russo’s on the Bay Wedding Cost?

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Russo’s on the Bay was established in the fall of 1987.

Located in the Howard Beach in New York City, they are known to offer the royal treatment that each bride warrants on her special day.  From their incredible banquet rooms to their gardens, they are there to make memories that a couple will cherish for a lifetime with striking scenery, fine cuisine, and superlative service.

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How much does a Russo’s on the Bay wedding cost?

On average, a Russo’s on the Bay wedding cost depends on when you get married and which package you choose.  The cost of a wedding at this venue averages about $120 to $240+ per person.  There is a non-refundable $2,500 deposit required, according to those who have been married or quoted here in the past.

A member on this forum thread, for example, was quoted $90 per person for her wedding on a Sunday in February.  On that same thread, another member noted that they were quoted $115 for a Saturday in July. says there will be no rental fee, but a food and beverage minimum will apply.  The setup fee for a wedding will be about $1,250, and this fee would include an extra hour of event time.  In total, the average wedding for 100 guests will be about $13,750 to $20,200.

Russo’s on the Bay wedding overview

There are three elegant and unique dining rooms offered for the reception.  One is the Renaissance Grand Ballroom, which has a capacity of 600 guests.  The newly-revamped Tivoli Room can accommodate up to 420 people, a venue which features a glass elevator that rises up from the floor, complete with lighting and smoke for your entrance.  Lastly, the Florentine Room offers a breath-taking panorama view of the bay and is one of Russo’s most admired rooms.  This room can accommodate up to 120 guests.

What are the extra costs?

Couples will be able to choose from 11 entree options, with the option  of adding “extras.”  These extras can add to the “per person” price.  This can include upgraded the liquor choices or adding premium options to the cocktail hour, for example.

Tips to know:

Russo’s on the Bay can provide you with a podium, a microphone and several other basic audio-visual equipment at no extra charge as this comes with your package.  You will also be provided with an in-house technician to assist you on your wedding day to guarantee proper service.

The venue offers a range of table choices and several different setup options to accommodate your guests.

The venue only allows you to work with vendors who are on their Preferred Vendor Program list, according to

Russo’s on the Bay does not accommodate outdoor ceremonies; however, the property features a garden area, fountain, and a gazebo built over the water, which overlooks the bay area.  This area is lit up with LED lighting in synchrony with the fountain at the garden to make for a great photography spot.

More than one event may be held on the day of your wedding at the same time.

Buffet-style food options won’t be available as the venue wants to ensure the quality and the freshness of the food.

How can I save money?

Work with the venue if you’re on a tight budget.  As long as the budget is within reason, they should be able to make it work.  For example, winter weddings as the majority of special event vendors and caterers offer discounted pricing during the off-peak months such as January, February, and March.  You can get a discount of at least 10% off their services.  Also, one can save money by choosing to do the wedding on a Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday instead of a Friday or Saturday.

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