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Sam’s Club, just like Costco, and other retailers, offers an in-house vision center for its members.

Offering a wide range of optical care equipment and supplies, members are able to choose from a large assortment of frames and lenses for a lower-than-average cost.

Sam's Club Eye Exam Cost
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How much does an eye exam cost at Sam’s Club?

Like the vision center at Costco, almost all vision centers inside of a local Sam’s Club are employed by an independent doctor of optometry, which essentially means they are using Sam’s Club as their landlord and are able to set their own prices.  What this means for you, in the end, is that you will find the prices for a routine eye exam can greatly vary, all depending on the local Sam’s Club location you visit.

According to our research from multiple customers who posted the prices they paid online, the costs of a routine eye exam seems to be in the $48 to $60+ range for a basic eye exam to as much as $80+ for a contact lens exam.

Standard Eye Exam$48 to $60+
Contact Lens Exam$80 to $125+ (higher price if you have astigmatism or other circumstances)
Pupil Dilation+ $15 to $25
Plastic Lensstart at $30+
Polycarbonate Lensstarts at $130+
High Indexstarts at $130+

Depending on the exact location you choose, it seems as if most locations will accept both vision and medical plans, but keep in mind that some medical plans may cover the routine eye examinations, while others may have restrictions.  Since there are thousands of health insurance plans on the market, it’s best to talk to your local Sam’s Club and health/vision insurance plan to see what your restrictions are., an independent doctor of optometry who chose to locate their practice inside of a Sam’s Club, starts their pricing at $80 for a basic wellness eye exam and $50 for a basic contact lens exam.  If you needed a bifocal correction and/or have an astigmatism, then there would be an additional “modest” cost, which is not defined.

Tips to know

You do not need a membership to use the doctor for eyecare services and/or an exam; however, if you want to purchase anything in the optical department, as this is owned by Sam’s Club, you will need a membership to shop there.  In most cases, according to an eye doctor who does work inside of a Sam’s Club, they feel the cost of a membership still outweighs the savings of the frames and lenses.

By law, no matter where you receive your eye exam prescription in the United States, you are able to take your prescription anywhere you want to purchase your eyewear, either online or at another retailer of choice.

If you do decide to purchase from Sam’s Club, the company will custom-make your glasses using one of its six modern optical labs, only using a higher-quality lens and frame materials.  And because they can purchase these materials in bulk, just like its sister company, Walmart, you can be assured you’re paying one of the lowest prices on the market.

Look for coupons and/or special offers as the club does offer coupons for the frames and lenses, while some doctors will offer coupons, either in the paper, online or in-store for you to take advantage of.

To know for certain your local Sam’s Club location has a vision center, refer to the official search tool via the official website.

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