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Savaysa (EDOXABAN) is a blood thinner, commonly referred to as an anticoagulant in the medical world.  This medicine works by lowering your chances of a stroke, especially for those who suffer from a condition known as atrial fibrillation.  Aside from this, it can also help prevent or even treat blood clots in the lungs and/or veins.

How much does Savaysa cost?

The cost of Savaysa, as with most medicine, will depend on your insurance coverage, the quantity prescribed, the dosage and the pharmacy you choose.  From our research online, the average price per capsule averaged about $11.50 or about $345 per 30 days without any insurance coverage.

Refer to our table below to see what the average prescription for Savaysa could cost you:

DosageAverage Price
15mg- 30 capsules: $345
- 60 capsules: $700
- 90 capsules: $1,100
30mg- 30 capsules: $345
- 60 capsules: $700
- 90 capsules: $1,100
60mg- 30 capsules: $345
- 60 capsules: $700
- 90 capsules: $1,100

NOTE:  These averages were compiled by calling five major pharmacies in our area to gather results: Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Costco and Sam’s Club.

As for Medicare and private insurance, the coverage will vary, greatly depending on the policy you hold, but if your policy does qualify, then the average co-pay ranged anywhere from $85 to $300 based on the random prescription plans we explored online., in its comparison of “Xarelto vs Eliquis vs Pradaxa vs Savaysa,” they state a 30-day supply of Savaysa will cost $340 when 60 milligrams is taken once daily.

How to save on Savaysa

Assistance program via the manufacturer:  The provider of the drug, Daiichi Sankyo, has a patient assistance program called the Daiichi Sankyo Open Care Program.  With this program, patients who do not have insurance coverage or insufficient coverage and meet qualifying restrictions can receive one of the many drugs they manufacturer, including Savaysa.  For more information as to see if you qualify, you can do so by following this link.

Savings card:  Via the official website, the company offers the “SAVAYSA Savings Card,” a savings card, as it implies, to help lower your co-pay to as little as $4.  Available to those with or without insurance,  this savings card will be applied after out-of-pocket expenses are met.

Alternatives:  Savaysa is one of the more expensive “Anticoagulants” on the market.  If possible, and your doctor agrees, see if you can be prescribed a cheaper alternative such as Coumadin, etc., for example, lists a variety of anticoagulants and the pricing.

Discount cards: and, to name a few, offer prescription savings cards for everyone, regardless if you have health insurance or not.  To use these cards, you simply find the prescription you want, the pharmacy you plan on using and input a few pieces of information to receive a card you print at home.  It’s free and can save you more money than your insurance company in some cases.

Canada:  We were able to find some verified Canadian pharmacies that offered this same drug for as little as $4.50 per capsule.

Drug overview

Always take this drug orally with a full glass of water, and as always, be sure to follow your doctor’s orders and refer to the prescription label on the capsule bottle.  Never take less, too much or off schedule.  According to the label, you can either take it with or without food; however, for those who suffer from an upset stomach when taking, then it is best to take with food.

Do not stop taking this medicine until your doctor tells you as stopping on your own can greatly increase your chances of a blood clot.  To be safe with your future refills, get your refill a few days before your current supply runs out.

Side effects include allergic reactions, feeling lightheaded, symptoms of bleeding, tarry stools, discolored urine, spitting up blood, red spots on the skin, unusual bruising and/or swelling, itching or hives.  If you experience any of these side effects, talk with a medical professional immediately.


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